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Portfolios / Sokota's Portfolio
« on: October 30, 2007, 04:05:56 am »
Hey, I'm looking for paid work. I'm good at mainly platform sprites, but I could do many other things, if need be.

Name: Andrew Miller
Age: 15 [Does this matter, though?]
Payment: Depends on offer?
Quality: Depends on time needed

Here are a few examples of my work:

A current game project for my team, SkyFire. Its a near futuristic soldier.

Same soldier, with a parachute.

An enemy soldier, one of many in development. *No arms because this is a mouse-aiming game.

A monster in another project called West. Its an evil Tumbleweed, so beware!

Another monster from West, called Blue Casualty. A walking strip. *No arms because this is a mouse-aiming game.

Me. And yes, I sprited that! Just kidding. But really, how'd you know?

Well, I hope you like my work. I would like to work on a Paid project because I need funding for my own Game Dev. Hope you hire me!


For more info either PM me or Email me! But you can comment on work here. :D

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