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Pixel Art / Re: Flying troll?
« on: March 19, 2006, 11:26:34 pm »
Thanks for the comments, guys.

Dhaos: I just checked the saturation on the brightest tone and it's maxed out. I think it might just be shade, so I'm gonna do some tweaking there and see what I can do. I tried some rushed highlights too, but they looked bad so I decided I'd post it without and see what people thought.

Helm: It's either not, or it's the way I sit (it's an LCD monior and the pic's placement on the screen affects contrast). It's been frustrating me for awhile now, but I don't know how to fix it. My desk isn't a computer desk, and neither's my chair, so I'm at kind of a funny angle to the screen...

Did an edit based on Dhaos' suggesttions. Upped the saturation/contrast on the whole image, highlighted hair. Posted beside original for... well, mainly personal refernce. Oh yeah, and I'm probably still being wasteful but I got rid of a near black.

^New one

Pixel Art / Flying troll?
« on: March 19, 2006, 08:17:13 pm »
I've been working on this for.. a bit. I think it's still pretty much a WIP, but I thought I throw it out for crits/suggestions... the usual.

I think it looks like it's driving a flying magic stump bike. It wasn't exactly intentional :P
13 colours+ background.


Ok, one more try. Palette probably still sucks, but I couldn't figure it out so this is what came of it.

Street level                                              Rooftops

An assload of colors, but only 38 tiles. The sky is hiddeous :P No more time though, so this is where it ends. First one was better.

I almost didn't enter 'cause of all the sexy, but I decided this afternoon to give it a go after all:

40 tiles, 22 colours, if I'm not mistaken. Kinda bland results, but fun to pixel all the same :D Oh well, guess I have a week to play with it before the deadline...
everyone else's are looking great!

Here's a mockup:

I thought about making my background more cluttered, like the ref pic, but then I decided I liked it simple ;D

Changed the tiles (and mockup) slightly. Now people over 3 feet tall can use the doors!

Pixel Art / Re: Donut man
« on: March 10, 2006, 04:34:14 am »
had to do an edit.
He's so... purple! :D I like your shadow better than mine, the dithering's a nice touch.
Anyhoo... Thanks for all the comments, guys! I think I'm about finished with this guy for now, unless there's something horribly wrong that I'm still missing. Appreciate all your help!

Pixel Art / Re: Donut man
« on: March 08, 2006, 10:07:19 pm »
Thanks for the crits guys. I did and edit based on your advice:

Unfortunately I did the bulk of the work before seeing Helm's awesome edit (which purts my pallette to shame again :D),
so there are probably still color issues... I tried to AA it to the background, though, and took a chunk out of the big guy's head (You were right, Dhaos, I think it adds some character).
I changed some other stuff too, like the shape of the right (our right) foot, and some of the folds/highlights... and probably some other stuff that I've forgotten.

looking at it, I think the bite looks... off. It wouldn't If I could draw, but... hmm...

EDIT (again):
Imade and edit of my edit based on Helm's edit... edited...

Down to 8 colours :D

*Edited due to hosting problems*

Pixel Art / Re: T-Rex: a comic one :P
« on: March 08, 2006, 09:41:51 pm »
I really like the colouring on this. Nice and scaly looking. I think the 'dirtiness' that Matriax mentioned gives a more natural texture to the skin.
There are a few things you might want to look at though, like the fact that the foot farthest from us looks to be on backwards (the big toe seems to be on the outside edge). The arms too, I think, are a bit high up, kind of coming out of his neck, and on the arm closest to us, the thumb looks to be almost coming out of the elbow.
Otherwise, nice work, I think it's a great piece. there's something about the colouring I really like :)

Pixel Art / Donut man
« on: March 07, 2006, 09:49:13 pm »
It's a Donut... eating his baby...

Disgusting. :P

11 colours; C&C appreciated.:)

New image link. Old host screwed up.

Pixel Art / Re: First post and pixels
« on: March 05, 2006, 08:09:11 pm »
Thanks for the advice, Dhaos :D I see what you meant about the pallette, and it really shows in your edit (everything looks alot softer and more natural).
As far as the neck goes, that's my fault. Looking at the picture I referenced, it should be thicker, and his face should be a bit wider. As it stands, I think it looks funny 'cause its too thin for its length. The (lack of) detailing around the face has to do w/ the refernc pic too... his hair's like a solid block in it, as you can see:

But, as you can probably also see, my pixels don't look much like the real thing at all. ;)
I think part of the problem with this one was that I got frustrated at the lack of resemblance and gave up...

Pixel Art / Re: First post and pixels
« on: March 05, 2006, 05:17:36 pm »
Haha wow... I saw your edit and found it hard to believe they were the same piece.
I made some major changes based on your advice:

Now, let's see if I've got this straight. The highlight on the clothing is a mid-tone between the green and orange, and the skin stayed pretty much the same, excpet for the more reddish dark tone, which I'm still a bit confused about. Is that just poersonal choice, or is it like someweher between the hair and the skin-tone? It looks phenomenal, but I don't really understand the 'why' of it. I also didn't get the grrenish blue choice for the clothes' dark, but then I saw that the belt was bluish, so I assume it's a mid tone between the two? Using the mid-tones and whatnot, I got the pallet down to a lean 14 colours and a transparency. Not to mention the fact that it looks soo much better now!
Great advice man. I really appreciate the help :D

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