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Job offers / [CLOSED] [PAID] Seeking Experienced Pixel Artist
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:47:57 pm »
Hello! First and foremost, thanks for showing interest in my offer.

I am working on an open-world RPG game heavily based on PvP/PvE experiences for character progression. This game is considerably inspired by the anime/manga Naruto, but not limited to that -- the game is set in our own world with our own characters, story, and so on.

A general preview of the game:

I am in need of a pixel artist who is well-experienced in creating fluid animations with characters/sprites and effects (fire, water, etc.).

You will be collaborating with me to create jutsu (techniques) ranging from elemental techniques to start and moving on from there to other areas such as taijutsu, non-elemental forms of ninjutsu, etc.

Techniques vary in size and can be on the larger side.

A long term relationship is ideal but not required. It is just easier to work with familiar faces, while also keeping the art style consistent.  ;D

Payments will be done through PayPal. The preferred payment flow is half up front, the other half on completion.

  • Knowledge of the anime/manga Naruto is a BIG PLUS.
  • Very comfortable creating and animating special effects (fire, earth, water, etc.) and character sprites.
  • Ability to adapt to an existing art style.

Interested? Email me at and INCLUDE your PORTFOLIO, please and thank you!  :y:

This position has been filled -- thanks!

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