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Unpaid Work / Paid At End Pixel Artist/No pay artist/8-Bit styling
« on: June 12, 2016, 12:49:35 pm »
Hello, this wont be long,but i'm assembling a team of people to make a game called Nagel-A New Zombie Game, it has its name because it is about philosophical zombies, not George Romero zombies, if your interested, contact me on Skype at "aidan.mathis", you have been warned, I am rather young for a game developer, but I have lots of intelligence, and DETERMINATION! We are planning to release by June 2019, if your not willing to stay with us that long its fine, just tell me before hand, I am going to manage the product and develop for it. Love to see you soon!

Portfolios / Re: 8-bit music for your games! [C&C]
« on: June 07, 2016, 02:04:16 am »
Hey, i'm assembling a team for a new game called "Nagel- A New Zombie Game", we can talk more on skype, "aidan.mathis" has a skeleton as a picture, I really enjoy music and am trying to learn how to make it myself, but I cant both develop the game, and make music. Im in love with the music you have made, and would love to show off your talents to the world, we can talk about pay(If thats what you're interested in) when we talk on Skype. Just a warning, I am new to game development, and still relatively young (12), but just give me a chance to wow you with my dream of making a philosophical RPG. If my age turns you away from the project, I understand.

Hello! Im an aspiring game maker, currently about to begin development on a game dubbed "Nagel-A New Zombie Game", and it sounds stupid, I get that, but you have to realize its about philosophical zombies, not George Romero zombies. As of right now i'm about to make a kickstarter, and I just want to know if you're interested, you might have another artist to work with, but know that you would have lots of time to work, considering we're planning to ship in June 2019, and planning o be done by early June 2019. I will say one thing, I am a definitely younger than you, but my age (12) should not discourage you, I normally dont tell people my age due to fear of people bailing, but you have to realize I have a I.Q of 135 give or take 5, I only tell you my age because you seem like a nice guy(I am assuming your a guy because of your "HIRE ME" sprite), we can discuss funds once we talk if you're willing, if not I understand, just dont assume because of my age I will be unpleasant to work with or anything of that such. I really do hope to work with you in future, and if you need to speak to me either email me, "", or preferably talk to me on skype,"aidan.mathis", my picture is of a badly drawn skeleton. One more thing, i'll link the Kickstarter (Not finished) and you can get a look at what you would be working on. Our current plan is to use Gamemaker for the game, so you could either make the sprites in there or port them over. We are planning to go with a 8-bit style in Earthbound, ill link a good emulator, but the story and atmosphere is similar to Earthbound and Undertale, but visually more like Earthbound, but Musically more like Undertale(My Job, along with everything else), you can work with some sketch artist at our school, but if not thats fine. Ok, all done ;D, "", talk tome anytime, I am up almost all the time(Insomnia), hope you consider, goodbye! :)

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