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Pixel Art / Re: AgroGame - My first animated short film
« on: May 07, 2020, 06:17:11 pm »
i think you did a great job getting the nostalgic 8-bit game feeling.

the main problem i see with you art is that the character does not grab enough attention.

You can fix this by looking at how you did the heart containers, they really stand out from the background because of the black outline and very saturated red color.

i think giving you character some more saturated colours and an outline should get the viewer focused on him

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: May 06, 2020, 09:24:09 pm »
Why are the reflections of the trees and mountains stretched towards the sides?

The water ripple effects look nice though, good job!

i thought that the mountains and trees reflection had to curve with the lake, but maybe i'm completly wrong lol

when i just flipped the image vertically , they didnt match up of course, only the middle part.

so i matched the reflections position up with the water level all around the curve

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:02:05 pm »
that was a great tip, took me a bit to get it setup in photoshop, but here it is :p

I think i pretty much implemented everything i wanted for this title screen, so probably gonna finish it up now,

EDIT: all put togheter:

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: May 04, 2020, 03:40:14 pm »
Yo. Yep that title screen site is really cool. Should've linked it sooner.
So uhh, my background is in graphic design, and as a graphic designer I'm pretty confused by the current title color choice, making it blend into the sky. You've got a blue sky, then a red stripe, then the same blue again for the type. In my opinion it creates an awkward contradiction - scale of the lettering implies the type element is important, but at the same time the colors are low contrast, blending into the background as if to be less visible. Does your ninja cloak and go transparent mode or something?
The lettering shapes are fine. I think the rest is a no-brainer - high contrast/high energy color combination.
I would probably tighten up the N and J's kerning.

Should the cloud reflections actually curve/warp? I don't think so. Not unless the surface of the lake itself is curved, right? Otherwise it's basically a flat mirror and your current iteration has it correct.
If anything I'd change how the sides of the lake wrap in towards us like the shot was taken with an extreme fisheye lens. Seems to defy normal perspective.

Your reply was pretty much spot on i think, i guess colour is still a weakness of mine :p

after trying some colours i figured yellow would really stand out on the blue:

i tried some different things to make the water reflection less "perfect".

the dithering didnt look good with the moving clouds behind it though .


managed to make shadergraph work with my project, made a little water shader:

i made it very extreme in this gif of course, it would normally move way slower :)

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: May 02, 2020, 05:14:21 pm »
another update, found a font style i liked and cleaned up the reflections.

cloud reflections still dont look quite right, not curving with the curve of the lake but thats more of a unity thing.

 i will do some detailing next, maybe some lighting on the edge of the lake and on the letters

thx for that awsome title -screen website btw, helped me alot!

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: April 28, 2020, 08:11:24 pm »
I'm a big fan of those clouds. :)

I was wondering. Why is it called "Slashy" Ninja? I assume it's not just because he has a sword. All ninjas have swords. Giving him that name implies that he's extra-slashy somehow. Does he love slashing a little TOO much, even for a ninja? Does he like to slash to do things that normally you wouldn't do with a sword, like switch on light switches and open doors? I feel like there's some back story here, and (given the use of the "y" on the end of "slashy") some humour.

If so, it might be nice to incorporate some of that in this image.

On the other hand you're quite a way along the process now, so probably best to ignore me.

the title is mainly because of this move that gets used while platforming/ and attacking maybe :p

wasnt feeling great for a while, but recently worked some more on the screen:

should i keep the font basic, or add some extra effects like these?

if you have examples of fonts/game titles that would fit well let me know ^^

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: April 19, 2020, 11:03:14 pm »
Thanks for the comments on the little gameplay gif, i will for sure try out that vignette thing at a later time.

I think trying the bigger title screen will force me to learn some different styles, so why not give it a try while i got the time :p

 I have sketched out the layers on the big format, and tried adding some details on the right of the picture:

got alot of ideas from this evoland title screen:

I am pretty happy with the background composition now, and tried some different things with the foreground:

on one hand i like the smaller character, to give more importance to the world around it,

on the other hand i really liked the bandana flapping lol. (wich might be less visable).

maybe you peoples can help pick out the stronger compositions? :)

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: April 16, 2020, 09:13:55 pm »
480x256? I think you might be after 480x270. A lot of modern pixel games run at 480x270, including Enter the Gungeon and Hyperlight Drifter. Maybe you're not accounting for HUD in those dims.

I would settle on a pixel size for all graphics and just stick to it.
The menu being significantly lower res than the rest of the game seems strange. If filling a large 480px wide screen with a nice title screen graphic seems too challenging, try coming up with a simpler concept.

I guess the main challenge for me would be the character in the title screen.

i feel like i can't use the same cartoony/simplified shapes i would use for a 32x32 character, and would have to go near human-anatomy :

the background i could handle, made a few of that size for the game.

here is some in-game footage, maybe that will clarify:

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: April 15, 2020, 10:21:58 pm »
I like where you're going with the animations, but the animation happening on a different pixel grid to the "pixels" in the art looks strange, and makes the various tangents in the art more obvious.

On a similar note, mixing different pixel sizes like you are with the art and text doesn't look great IMHO.
Will the actual gameplay have the same resolution as this title screen? If not, I recommend making the two match. Then, chances are you'll have plenty of space for text and smooth animations without mixing scales.

That said, mixing scales is a taste thing, so if you really like the look of it, keep doing it.

I like the rocks you chose. Consider making some of the lines between them implied/broken, they don't all need to be solid. That might help the surface feel more cohesive while still looking rocky.

how important do you think it is for the menu to be the same resolution as the gameplay?

the menu is like 120x64 and the game 480x256 so like 4 times the pixel count, and im not sure i can make it look good.

I had a little try at it with varying results lol:

i will make sure the text and animation are the same grid/ scale though, thx

Hey, Mathcong. Good effort. Here's my quick take -

Mismatched pixel grid issue aside (that's a tough one) -

---Game is called "Slashy Ninja", which sounds pretty action-oriented and violent, but the title screen couldn't be more calm and tranquil, featuring a generic but solid mountain/sky horizon scene. [insert any Bob Ross quote]
I feel this title screen concept and the game's apparent concept clash. (Based on the name I'd guess it's a bloody Ninja Gaiden-like platformer.)

---I think title screens are super important. Gotta be good. Especially the game's title text.
Think of your game's title screen like a book cover - What do you assume about a book if even the cover is boring and unappealing?
A book cover's job is to grab attention and make you want to open it. For small indy games, the title screen often doubles as the primary key marketing/promotional art.

---Here's a super fast edit mainly addressing foreground/background separation:

I'll let it speak for itself, might give you a few ideaz.
Definitely do animate it. I love the bandana blowing in the wind.

i guess i din't give much info about the game itself, but it is gonna be a more laid back, adventure platformer.

Thats also why i changed the font in my last update, the previous one for sure looks more action/ street fighter oriented.

your edit is very helpful though, i will add some reflections to the lake and make the mountains more blue-ish ;)

Pixel Art / Re: Title Sceen WIP
« on: April 14, 2020, 08:51:14 pm »
another update, more "oriental"  looking font and cloud scrolling in unity

the little select arrow isnt pixel perfect but thats some unity stuff :p

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