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Hi there! My name is Cameron and I'm starting up a regular, weekly (we hope) podcast tonight (Sunday, April 17th) with some long-time friends and fellow gamers. It will be called The Limit Breakers and will be a one-hour, gaming-related variety show where we do everything from break down and heavily analyze specific games to tackle general, gaming culture-related issues. It will have a focus on older-gen stuff but will be very eclectic.

We've begun setting up our social media accounts and I plan to set up a website for us as soon as we have a couple episodes in the books. I've long liked the idea of having 16-bit stylized versions of ourselves to use in logos, promotional material, etc. I'm looking for a pixel artist to design these 16-bit (or similar) versions of us based on photographs I will provide you with.

I'm offering a baseline of $100.00 for your services but that can be negotiated further based on the complexity of your work and the amount of material you are willing to provide. You will also be fully credited both audibly on the podcast and on our website and social media accounts. It could be a nice chance to have an ongoing, working relationship if our podcast does well. I know very little about designing pixel art so I'd be very open to the artists' suggestions and expertise.

Feel free to contact me on here regarding the opportunity, or you can also e-mail me at For reference, our social media accounts can be found at: &

I hope I haven't broken any rules in this job submission -- if I have I'd be more than happy to edit it in whatever way is necessary. Please contact me with examples of your work and a bit more about yourself if you're interested. Thank you for your time!


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