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anyone interested ??

Greetings , as the subjects am looking to find some one to hire with affordable price . some one whose interested not only in art but also in creating alive characters ! you know making a difference
some one who enjoys to see his art alive ! :P i guess i over reacted anyway ...

i can pay via Paypal or any another method she/he prefers .

to be specific i need him to be the game graphic designer ( i will attach some samples of what i am looking for .)

what i mean by digital that doesnt look very pixlated .


any one whose interested  can contact me via the following methods .

email : dark2babo at gmail
whatssapp account : +966544948578 text me
kik messenger : Mr.baban

i prefer the kik to be contacted with .

if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible .
note : i could hire more than one if needed .

thank you and have a nice day .

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