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I am currently animating sprites for an NES game, and would like to consider the possibility of hiring an experienced pixel animator to revise the animations. There is going to be a lot of animation work for the project, and I intend to do the majority of it, but I feel that the project could possibly benefit from the assistance of an experienced hand to finalize the graphics.

As I said, the project is for NES, so all of the graphics are low res and low color. You will need to be comfortable working with these restrictions.

I'll post a couple of my rough drafts. Please look at these and see if you could feel comfortable knowing what to do to improve them. Adding more colors isn't an option, but other than that, we can adjust frames, add frames, delete frames, pretty much anything. What I'm going for is a high frame rate for NES but a low frame rate for animation in general.

These are pretty rough, but I'm not sure how far I should go with them. I don't want to do redundant work doing revisions as an amateur if I'm going to hire someone else.

Please contact me with rates, and some sort of estimate of time to revise animations. It may be best to estimate time based on revising a frame, since number of frames varies greatly between animations. I have hired and paid someone from this board previously and I can provide a reference if necessary.


I would like to hire an artist to design web graphics related to a video game I am developing. I am willing to pay a rate of $35/hr and would like to negotiate an estimate for time to complete this proposed project. I would like to hire someone with experience designing for the web with examples of web graphics they have completed in the past.

I am currently developing a game for NES, intended for a full cartridge release. I am in the process of producing a website for the game and the associated publisher, which in this case is a small business I am starting.

What I am seeking assistance on is designing commercial art related to text, logos, and other general web decorations. I don't foresee this as pixel-art per-say, but I'm not opposed to the idea of incorporating that style into the web theme. In any case, I wanted to come here because I do want to find someone who is at least familiar with the thematic elements of the NES and low-res pixel art and video game marketing in addition to designing for the web.

First, I would like to hire someone to design a logo for my company. Something simple, in one or two colors. I wouldn't expect this would take too long, as I don't think I'll be that picky, as long as it works.

After that, I need help on doing graphics for my website. I want to hire someone with enough experience to be able to tell me where they're capable of creating content. I'm not an expert in web graphic design which is why I'd like to hire someone with experience. I can definitely note a few things, for example, places where I used text in graphics is really simple and looks unprofessional. That needs to be changed before the website gets launched. I need banner graphics for the main pages. Having a logo to use will help.

If someone contacts me about this work, I will share with you what I have on the website so far and discuss possible scope for the project. What ideas people have for the web project will be taken into consideration when choosing an artist, as well as time estimates. (costs)

Please PM me with examples of your work and if I like what I see I will send you what I have so far.

Thank you very much!

Pixel Art / Re: Character animations for NES game
« on: October 14, 2015, 12:55:21 pm »
And shouldn't she be facing whatever it is she's hitting while hitting it?

This has been something I've been struggling with for a while. On one hand, yes, it would make a lot more sense if she was looking forward while attacking forward. On the other hand, if her head doesn't turn, the animation feels a lot less active. So far I've stuck with what I've got now because it looked the best in motion, but there's probably some middle ground that I haven't figured out yet.

Additionally, I've found myself limited in how many positions I can draw her head and it look okay. If I try to tilt it or turn it the wrong way it turns into an alien looking head...

She could lean more into the attacks for more sense of dynamics and power.

Are you sure? I could try it, but I've done the same motion and my hips don't really even move as much as hers. Plus if she moved more, she'd be beyond the position of her hitbox, which I suppose could be addressed but I don't intend for her actual in game position to move during this attack.

I think there needs to be more follow-through. Too quick, not enough impact.

How so? If her point of contact is dead ahead, she actually swings about 90 degrees past that, but she also turns her head to look in the direction of the player, which throws it off. There may be something I could do with the animation to make it more impactful but I also have to balance it for gameplay. Currently, if she doesn't strike again immediately before sheathing, there's a pretty long cooldown after the attack. I'm afraid that any longer may frustrate gamers.

So are you going to make more animations for this character?

Yes, I am. I'm not sure what the full moveset will be for each character, but I have currently planned 20 characters. With all of the animations and background tiles, it's going to be a challenge to pack everything I intend to into the 256 KB CHR space of an MMC3 cartridge.

I also decided to post a couple animations I've been messing with for other characters. These may be a bit more rough but as before any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you all very much for your suggestions thus far.

Pixel Art / Re: Character animations for NES game
« on: October 12, 2015, 11:16:09 pm »
So, I posted my animation to Imgur in hopes of getting some feedback. Let's see if this works...

Nope. That doesn't work either. I was just hoping to get some assistance with my animation. Why is this such a pain?

Pixel Art / Re: Character animations for NES game
« on: October 11, 2015, 02:21:55 am »
It's showing up now for me but it wasn't before. It might have something to do with the free hosting.

Is there no way to submit an attachment directly to a post?

If nothing else, you can see the image by going to this link:

Pixel Art / Character animations for NES game
« on: October 10, 2015, 06:38:30 pm »

I am in the process of developing an NES game and was hoping to post some of my character animations. I'll just start out with one, but I've got several more. This is my first attempt at low-res pixel art, or animation in general, so some guidance would definitely be appreciated. There's going to be a lot of work to do for this project.

I am working within the limits of the console, but trying to do something graphically impressive nonetheless. I won't go into all of the details of NES graphic limitations right now, but I'll describe some things for those who have not worked with this console. My sprites are divided into 8x8 pixel tiles. Graphic space for all backgrounds and sprites will be limited to 256 KB, and from my calculations, it's going to be tough to fit everything in there. As such, any time that I can reuse a frame, part of a frame, or even an 8x8 tile, it will save space. Also, each tile is limited to 3 colors plus transparency. This means that I can use different colors in different 8x8 pixel sections, although for my player character I'm just sticking to 3 colors, so that my other 3 palettes are still available for enemies.

Anyway, that doesn't matter too much because what I'm really looking for is help in getting good at animating. It will be easier to cut things down to good dimensions for my medium if I start out with an ideal animation.

So, this animation includes 3 different attacks, forward, forward up, and straight up. I think I may make the forward up animation strike a little higher so it's hitbox doesn't overlap as much with the regular attack, but beyond that, I'm about to the point that I don't know how else to improve these.

Thanks in advance!

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