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Pixel Art / Re: Dark Creature Attack/Walk animations
« on: April 23, 2015, 12:33:10 am »
definitely an improvement on the walking sprite man. i like the jaws opening wider too. something you could try with the legs, is keep them rooted in the same spot but stretch them back so they go

as i was writing that i decided to do an edit -

so i added an extra anticipation frame where he goes even further back, and opens his mouth very wide indeed. his legs are rooted in the spot and just stretch as i mentioned. i shortened the lunge frame before the biting frame for more snappiness (you could probably even delete that frame and still have a good animation), i added more movement to the big abdomen of the monster and gave it a little wobble as he returns to standing. also made the top of his abdomen a bit rounder at the top in the standing still frames.

Rad edit! The wobble really adds a lot. One thing though, atm I'm at 8 frames (not counting the 2 default standing frames), if I were to add in a couple more frames to exaggerator on the wobble after he is done biting, could that make an impact gameplay wise? Since there would be a small window open even after it's done biting.
Here's what I got atm.

I did push him forward a tad bit more when he lunges too.

Pixel Art / Re: Dark Creature Attack/Walk animations
« on: April 21, 2015, 08:50:42 pm »
Thanks so much for the feedback!

The ref from yaoman was super helpful! I actually tried to incorporate a headswing of sorts into the animation, similar to the lizard by Orkimedes. Also tried to give it more blur which I noticed wzl did in his edit (thanks a lot for that btw). A problem that I ran into though, is that I need to shift the feet if I make the head fling back like so.

Perhaps I shouldn't go with the headswinging, but just pull the head back directly, instead of making it swing back, similar to the first version? Or would that be a lazy solution to dealing with the shifting legs?

Also, here's a second version where I toned down on the blur, I'm kind of liking it more than the previous versions -it feels a whole lot more smoove. I'm thinking that I should build upon this animation where he quickly chomps down without building so much blur up. Also, I added a second colour for the teeth blur.

Thanks a lot for pointing that out man! I gave it another go and tried to make it look a tad more exaggerated. It's a subtle difference, but perhaps the head movement isn't nearly so 'jerky' like the first version.

Mmm, that isn't a bad idea, but I think the problem with that would be due to it being a solid colour instead of it being such a small sprite. Maybe I'm wrong though, I can try a few things out!

quick edit where it's feet stay in the same spot.

I guess moving them will be the only option, assuming I'll keep the head swing movement. Will still fiddle around with it and see what I come up with.

Pixel Art / Re: Backgrounds
« on: April 20, 2015, 06:15:54 pm »
Imho I don't think you've experimented enough, try blocking in shapes for the rocks some more. And I would suggest decreasing the canvas size by a lot. Try to think about things like the rocks creating distorted shadows in the water, where is your lightsource coming from, how the water will change the colour of the rocks from the lightbouncing around, etc.

Not to be rude, but atm it doesn't seem like you've done a lot and it's quite hard to offer some hard criticism for the stage that you are at (which is just really rough shapes).

Don't forget to look at references for colour

Here's a sloppy edit that I made, the colours aren't really that great, but I downsized your piece a lot and changed around the whole composition by sketching over your piece. Hopefully it'll give you a few ideas

Pixel Art / Dark Creature Attack/Walk animations
« on: April 20, 2015, 05:15:42 pm »
Hello pixelation! Recently I've been trying my hand at animating an attack that is to be used for a enemy in a game. Unfortunately the enemy has to be a plain silhouette, which personally I'm not happy with, but the person I'm doing this for thinks it will emphasize on it looking more creepy and evil (which I disagree with but that's the restriction).

Here are two version which I have made, but I can't get around them looking shitty.

The problem that I've run into with the first animation is that it's too boring. He swings up, and then down and it's not a very interesting thing to look at. I tried doing something different with the second one but it also doesn't look right. I was thinking that maybe I should ditch both animations and make him do a different attack all together? Looking for any critcism and suggestions that anyone is willing to throw my way.

Here's what my walk cycle looks like, I'm more or less happy with it and my collaborator/programmer is satisfied with it too, but any suggestions to improve it will be more than helpful.

Any c&c would be more than appreciated!

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