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Job offers / [PAID] Mobile 2D Plaform Game - full graphics [CLOSED]
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:08:15 pm »
Dear Artists,

I am an independent game developer with more than 10 years experience in enterprise applications and 3 in the gaming industry.

I am looking for a skilled artist for a new mobile game (first of a series) I am developing for already 6 months. Code completion level is now around 80% and I'm counting to finish everything in 2 months.

A good example of the kind of look it should have is the game "Wacoon jump". Of course it's just an example and your proposals are always welcome.

The game is composed by 3 small levels, divided into 10-15 small stages and a 'classic' items shop (partially done already).

What has to be done:

3 tilesets - tile size=64x64px (nothing big, just 15-20 tiles should be enough)
3 backgrounds (800x480 px),
1 main character - 64x128px - i would say 20/25 frames
9 small creatures 64x64 (actually they differ only for color and dress - animations are almost always the same)
3 or more collectable items with simple animation (64x64)
5-6 characters as enemies (128x128)
intro images (800x480)
splash screen (800x480)
15 shop items icons (64x64)
some small icons

I can offer only 500$ for the whole job and i understand it's not much for a professional, so if you find it ridiculous just accept my apologies.

Anyway if you are interested please send me a pm and we can discuss the details.

Thank you!

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