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We are a new company called "Audio Legion" composed of TWO composers and FOUR Sound Designers.

We did 3 video games this year and work on Wwise and Fmod for the audio integration.
One more is coming in the next few months!

Our website is not online for now but you can see all our projects on my personal portfolio.

I started the company with an other composer and after working on many projects we decided that to give the best quality with the good deadline we should work with people that know better than us how to record Foley and create sound effects!

We deliver a variety of music Like Epic orchestral, Intimate contemporary piano, Cartoon, Electronic and many more... You just need to ask!
We can do every Foley and Sound Design you should need too like Spaceship and Laser guns or Knight battle.

My contact informations are on the website but I'll update this post as soon as the website is finish.
Fell free to contact for any questions, I will be happy to answer, even if it,s not for job opportunities!

Best Regards,
Nicolas Felix
Composer at Audio Legion

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