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General Discussion / Be aware of fraudulent clients.
« on: January 24, 2019, 07:58:16 am »
Hello fellow Artists,

Today I'm creating this unfortunate post, with the purpose of creating awareness of possible frauds or scams like one I went through recently, even though the amount that I was supposed to receive was not substantial, it's still a loss.

First of all, I want to tell you a bit about me; I have been working with pixel art continuously as my main and only way of income since ~2013, before that I only worked for about a year in ~2009. I have worked with lots of individuals, a couple of small startups and one large company, this last one for a bit more than 2 years.

I want to share some tips about how to avoid such situations, specially for those who are in their beginnings as freelancers.

- Always ask and find out FIRST who is the person/company you are about to work with.
- If you are working with an individual or a small team with no background always charge per small packs of assets and not after weeks of work.
- Don't fall with over enthusiastic plans for an "amazing" game, everybody has cool ideas every day. Remember, you are working FOR them, not by the sales of the game.
- Try to have a downpayment upfront (50% is good) or a contract, or both. Online contract sites like DocuSign in conjunction with email correspondence make it much easier to keep track of your agreements.
- Be professional AND respect your client, you will be treated the way you approach to your client. And the same applies to the client, usually over enthusiastic individuals with over the top cool attitude are the ones you have to stay away from.

These are some tips I can share with you from my experiences.

I also want to make you aware of the last client that ran away with my payment, so you don't fall in the same trap.

Making some mistakes myself and trusting this client I was left only with his nickname in Discord "pina_collada#0804" and some of the assets I made for him and some references:

This is his Discord Avatar:

These are the assets:

Apparently the game and/or character is going to be called Cyber Hack, and the theme of the game is about this character roaming in the cyberspace, some sort of top down or isometric action rpg.

One thing to note is that this german client was very specific about wanting his character have these THREE DOTS in the face.

If someone comes across with ANY of these references now you know what to do.

Also, if you feel like using that caped-and-hood character I made feel free to use it, it's a freebie by me.

Portfolios / ~ Pixel Animator ~
« on: July 23, 2016, 05:39:19 am »

I'm a professional Animator and Pixel Artist, and this is a small collection of samples from some of the games I have worked on.

A little about me:

I started working with video game art in 2009, and since 2012 as full time game artist and animator, including Lead Artist and Art Director in long projects including Star Trek: Trexels II.

I focus on creating frame-by-frame hand drawn (traditional) Animation that boosts a dynamic, elastic and charismatic look to characters and monsters. This is a huge quality advantage vs. all other animation techniques used in recent 2D games that use 'skeleton' or 'rigged' character animation (like Spine) which just ends up looking stiff, generic and low quality.

Besides the love for drawing, I'm a gamer at heart, which I consider very important in order to create games.

Note: Please don't ask for free work. If you require a test of any sort the time spent on it shall be paid.

Feel free to ask anything! Like the meaning of life, which is 42.

[Click on any image to zoom in, shift+click to zoom out]

Art is in this section is being repurposed in the new amazing game Cyber Shadow, developed by MekaSkull and published by Yacht Club Games.

Even though this Star Trek badge above looks 3D it's not, this is pure pixel art 2D hand-drawn animated in pixels :)

------->Discord: Dnilo #9890

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