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Hey guys! After a year and a half of hard work on Golden Hour, we're proud to present the first screenshots  [smile]

But first, a bit about the game. Golden Hour is a well-balanced mix of a platformer and an ARPG, and while some may call this game type a metroidvania, I'd say it's relying much more on platformer elements to be called so. A cross between Skyrim and Prince of Persia? I wouldn't say that either, but I like to think so [cartman]

Golden Hour features world exploration, crafting, potion making, leveling up with primary and secondary skills, many equipable items that alter the characters abilities, spells and even traps.

All the enemy types have variable primary skills (Strength, Defense, Luck, Magic)...Which means that combat will depend much on the players and enemy's grades, and sometimes simply on throwing of the dice.

But enough talk... Here are the first decent shots:

The first video trailer and story elements will be posted soon on our facebook page:

Thanks for the attention, guys! More info soon on our facebook page!

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