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General Discussion / Looking for colorcube thread
« on: October 30, 2019, 10:56:43 pm »
I've done a bit of a search but I can only find some related topics. Does anyone recall in what thread someone (ptoing or surt maybe?) broke down how to build a colourcube in photoshop? I want to forward it through to someone. If not I'll just put together my own image  ;D

Pixel Art / Light Elemental Boss
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:01:53 am »

This is a boss for the project I've been working on. It was difficult to get it to appear that she is glowing in the limits of the style, which is mostly concerned with being easy to animate. Especially the way in which she lights the non glowing aspects of the design has given me trouble. The large grey pieces of armour I wanted to look like stone but I wasn't able to come up with a satisfying way to render them. It is intended to be shown on a fairly dark background, mid tones and darker. The effect on her back is meant to look like a glowing beam of light. As she fights these beams would solidify into metal spikes which she would then throw as part of the battle design.

Any thoughts are welcome! I may not be able to implement all critiques on style for this character as there is existing art to match but any comments about how I can improve are appreciated  ;D

Edit: It occurs to me that the second set of arms may be difficult to read. I should definitely come up with a better idle pose for her. That's what those lower dark orange parts are if anyone can't tell.

Devlogs & Projects / Untitled RPG Party Card Game
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:15:45 pm »
Decided to start working on my own project a few days a week this year rather than doing freelance full time. Essentially it's an RPG party/drinking card game. Because my friends are always roping me into playing tabletop games or drinking games at parties and they all suck so why not make my own that marries the two  :crazy:

Artwise I'm basically giving myself free rein to draw whatever I feel like on a given day. There will be a couple of levels with different themes (fantasy, sci-fi, angels and demons, a mixture of any or all of those/whatever doesn't fit.) Doing player characters and enemies at 64x64. Might consider doing bosses and items at higher and lower resolutions respectively but I will need to mock up some card layouts to figure out how much space I'll have available. Essentially with the artwork I'm trying to capture the feeling of old school rpg sprites where everything kind of looks special, think 2d Final Fantasy games. So lots of colours and smoothness.

Critique is appreciated but I can't guarantee I'll update anything, I have a lot of drawings to do so I probably won't be going back to do major changes unless something really strikes a chord. General thoughts on the overall art direction early on would be great while I can still go back and make changes to everything.

Anyway I'll just be updating this thread as I go. Trying to have a good diversity of gender/race/bodytype etc. Honestly they'll probably be mostly bottom heavy women though :lala:. Have a small backlog already so here are those.

Player: Thief

Player: Mystic Defender

Player: Warrior

Player: Brawler

Enemy: Mechsuit Seraph

Enemy: Ice Goddess

Enemy: Wood Goblin

(I realise I've already used that arm pose 3 times I'll stop I promise)

Portfolios / Angus Doolan- Artist, Animator
« on: April 08, 2015, 06:23:50 am »
I am a pixel art generalist from Brisbane, Australia. I have been creating pixel art since 2007 and have worked on a fair number of professional game projects since I started freelancing in 2015, most recently Unpacking. I specialise in character art and animation but am also a capable effects, background and tile artist. Additionally I can create concept art, digital paintings, traditional animation and basic 3d models- rigged and animated. I am also familiar with Unity and am happy to implement my own work.

I am currently seeking work on long term game projects. Please don't contact me about anything NFT or Crypto related. If you're interested in working with me please send me an e-mail at

A small selection of my pixel art is below, you can find more on my website

Personal work


Project K


Unreleased project by Jeremi Slobert


Unreleased project by Benjamin Lane


Pixel Art / The animation guide development thread
« on: March 09, 2015, 02:14:15 pm »
This is a thread for us to develop a bit of a beginners guide to animation. I'd like for it to be more like a general knowledge bank than a tutorial as such. Though some tutorial components to go along might be nice, like some basic "how to set up and animate in GraphicsGale/ProMotion/Photoshop" type things.

Since we don't really have anything like this for pixel art techniques I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing the mods would want to keep around as a sticky but it would at least be nice to have all the basics in one pixel centric thread for people to link beginners to. My experience is that I'm fresh out of Uni with a bachelors in animation so there's plenty I don't know and heaps of room for me to be wrong so I'll need some help from the community.

So far I'm thinking the layout will be:

What is animation and how does it work?
   In this section I'll go over the basics of how we see animation through persistance of vision and some basic concepts like what frames are and frame rates etc.

Am I ready to animate?
   This will basically just be a brief run down to say that solid drawing skills will make animating a lot easier and that it's a dedicated craft with it's own unique set of problems so it's probably not the place to start learning art.

Basic principles of animation.
   This is the most important section where I'll go through the basic principles of animation, each section will have some visual aids as well as an analysis of at least one game asset demonstrating the principle in use. The sub-headings for this so far are:
      The physics of animation
      Basic movement
      Ease in and ease out
      Anticipation and overshoot
      Follow through and overlapping action
      Stretch and squash

   Here I'll talk about cycling animation and give some examples of common cycles with game art examples. Below are the ones I can think of that are important but suggestions are welcome.
      Wheel Cycle
      Ball Bounce
      Dissipation (ripples/smoke etc.)
      Cats tail

Animating a character.
   Talking about the most important aspects of character animation. Haven't got a completely solid idea of how I'll approach this but something like:

Techniques for developing an animation from scratch.
   I will go through the basics of building an animation.
      Key frames vs. straight ahead
      Key frames, Breakdowns and Inbetweens
      Referencing and acting it out
      Creating an animation roadmap (timing charts, arcs etc.)
      Putting it together (some info about frame management, onion skinning and scrubbing etc. here)

Things to be aware of when animating for a game.
   This will be particular pitfalls that come up when translating traditional animation techniques to games. How to make responsive feeling animation would be the primary subject to focus on I think. I'll need help with this cause I haven't got a whole lot of actual game development experience. As Cyangmou suggested we could probably use some words on what the workload is like when you've got animation in the mix and maybe suggestions for realistic movesets for a first game.

How to animate a...
   An analysis of some common video game animations.

Advanced techniques.
   Self explanatory. Just a couple I can think of off the top of my head:
      Subpixel animation

What software is available.
   Quick run down of the available pixel art animation software and their strengths and weaknesses. I'll need a hand with this one from people familiar with software other than GraphicsGale.

Tips and tricks
   Any other tidbits that don't fit into the main text.

Further reading
   Where we post links to as many animation resources as we can find.

I'll try to write up the bulk of it and draw the examples myself but if there's a topic you'd like to write about in particular any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to chip away at this over the next couple of weeks when I've got the energy. If you've got any suggestions for subjects to write on I'd like to hear them.

I'm hoping from this thread mostly to be discussion on the relevant techniques and to get feedback on what I've written, either from people who know animation and think I'm wrong or can expand on what I'm saying, or from people who are new to animation and can tell me what you found most helpful, what is clear, what is unclear, what subjects you'd like to know more about etc. I'd like the keep the language as clear and basic as possible and condense this as much as is reasonable so it's not a slog for people to read through. I'm not exactly the best at this so general editing help is encouraged.

I'd also love it if people could post good examples of pixel art animation from games or of their own that they think demonstrate a particular aspect of animation, I have some animations of my own to contribute but probably not enough to fill out a whole guide. Also links to online resources or books about animation for the further reading section would be great.

I expect any assistance people provide in this thread to be available for me to use verbatim so if you'd rather I didn't do that with anything you post just let me know. We'll link back to this thread in the finished edition so people can see the discussion behind it and who exactly contributed what.

Pixel Art / [nude] Figure
« on: March 05, 2015, 01:36:42 pm »

Been a while since I posted anything for critique. Inspired by Friend's thread. Could take it further by myself but figured I'd post now before I got too committed to any pixels. My main issues are with the too man-ish face and the forward shoulder, might erase it and try again. Colours are 5 steps per channel. No reference :crazy:

Edit: Just a bit of light fiddling on the face before bed, original here

Pixel Art / Graphics Gale - Q and A
« on: March 03, 2015, 10:51:47 pm »
I wonder if anyone knows if there is or is a way to set up a short cut to switch to the next/previous brush in GraphicsGale? I had a look but I couldn't find one. That and getting the zoom, move and eyedropper tools to only activate while the button is pressed are the features I miss most from working in photoshop I think. Suppose I could look into setting up macros, never done that with an external program before though, any suggestions?

Pixel Art / Cyber Geisha Assassin
« on: July 06, 2011, 12:28:50 pm »
I will probably use this thread to post any art I need help with for my current game project.

Right now I'm working on one of the stills for the intro. Essentially she is a robot floating through space and she has two bullet holes in her chest. The main problems I'm having are the bullet holes not really looking like a light source (think power source in her chest) or holes at all really, and the kimono not looking very good. The style is grey scale+1 hue and that probably wont be changing. I may do a background at this point I am undecided. Note that there is a secondary light source to the top left (the moon)

Any crits are appreciated, especially anything on the kimono.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Battle portrait
« on: August 07, 2010, 01:10:18 pm »
I'm working with a friend on a small game project. I'll be drawing backgrounds and upper body portraits for a bunch of enemies and NPC's and such.

Very wip still but I think It's ready for some critique. I still need to work out some kinks with the anatomy blend, particularly on the left side.

Also I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of games with nice background art to study.

Pixel Art / [slight nudity] Platformer sprites
« on: January 16, 2010, 07:54:49 am »
New years resolution was to draw for at least an hour a day, so I decided to start drawing a game idea that's been running through my head for a few months.

I intend to draw up as much of this game as possible (animations/ backgrounds/ gui) with no intention of anything coming from it. :blind:



The first two characters are the main playable guys, the third is the bad guy and the rest are bosses. I plan to draw two more bosses, a second form for the third guy and a bunch of generic enemies.
Gameplay would be a mix between the lost vikings style puzzles and super smash bros combat.
Backgrounds will be index painted with an intended in-game resolution of 640x360.

I will likely go back and texture the mermaid and minotaur-y guy's legs. Main yellow character may or may not get a hat. Just realised the red guy has no claws :-[

I have a vague plot and game world in mind, but I won't bore you with it till I get a bit further into the drawing.

Posting them up now for critique so I can get a solid rendering style down before I get too far into it.

Will update as it comes.

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