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I read the FAQ for the gigs here.  I have a few more questions.

First, quoting in terms of pay/hour is difficult to translate.  It would be very useful to have a few pixel sprites with reasonable price examples.  Presumably, a 32x32 is cheaper than a 64x64, and grass is easier than a horseman. 

Second, I have a project that needs pixel art that is fairly standard---think a city, a horseman, etc.  Probably drawn thousands of times already, and in many failed games no longer used, too.  I don't need to commission an artist to create my own designs, I am quite happy with only a non-exclusive license to quasi-standard art.  It's sort of in between free and paid work in terms of hourly rate.  How do I post this?

Portfolios / Indie Gig
« on: March 20, 2021, 02:11:39 am »
We need a set of sprites for an Indie turn-based mobile strategy game (Univerra) that will be released in about a month or so. Think of an older Civilization title, although the game itself will be quite different.

The current set of sprites can do the basic job, but they do not make the game shine. We are looking for someone who can create and supply a nice set of (ideally scalable) images. We just need a license to the sprites, not an exclusive---so this gig makes a lot of sense for someone who has already designed some of the sprites we need.

The game itself was developed by one programmer as a labor of love and is entirely self-funded. (Even the web address on which the gig is posted, , is just borrowed.) The game will give full credit to the art designer on the front and splash page.  We can also only guarantee a modest fee to an art designer, depending on quality of the work. If the game generates profits, the fee will be quadrupled to be covered from first profits---and maybe this can become more than just a gig.

If this gig appeals to you, please take a look at the first four sprites on . Pick two of them and show us what you can make out of them. Email them to (fallback address: or PM here, please.

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