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Pixel Art / [WIP] Zombie Walk (probably done)
« on: April 16, 2007, 12:52:38 am »
It's my first time posting sprites here. :) I guess this is a WIP.. every time I think I'm done I spot more mistakes at least..

Zombies are integral to a game demo I'm working on, and I just redid some 'bog zombie' sprites I'd been sitting on for a while. Wanted to ask for C&C and see if people like them..

Ed: Original / First edit / maybe final edit.

I think I still have some work to do, one frame his leg jerks back (too?) fast, but I convinced myself it was the judderiness of undeath - does it look really bad? What other things have I missed? I know the head is massive too, that's a stylistic choice.

I've used a lot of v boring dithering, but i think it might add to the texture and make him look sort of grotty? In a good way..?

Here he is doing a more head-on pose..

- I should probably make him breath or something.. Or sway back and forth..

I started redoing the zombie right after finding Pixologic and reading a lot of the crit here.. Before I 'redid' this zombie, the sprite I was "happy" with before looked like: ... He was way too short compared to the player.. And too cute! And pretty terrible.

You guys blow me away btw, some of the art here is insane.. I doubt I'll ever be that level, but I'm certainly going to try to improve!

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