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About the picture,
looks good, very dynamic perspective! difficult to critic more than that so far  ;)
I think you can crop (a little bit ) except you will have an incredibly interesting shading later  :P right now, looks a bit bland..
an other solution if you need this size , would be to lower all the drawing a little (all except the title)
keep it up! :)

what does the title mean?

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 07, 2007, 06:37:27 am »
thx Turbo, Yeah I realised too, but a bit late..  ::)

i tried to fix it a little by lightening the BG..
Overall I'm pretty happy with it.. as I never did anything like this before...even tho there are a few little details I'm not that happy with..
Anyway, this is done.. I won't spend more time on it for a while.. maybe I'll add an other character (much later  ::))

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 06, 2007, 10:39:52 am »
thx Malor,

new update maybe the last one before finish   :hehe:

I hope I didn't overdone the portrait.. it seems to distract a lot from the sprite right now..  :crazy:
I hope I'll be able to balance that with the BG..

I may be still far but I learnt so much about AA on this!

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 05, 2007, 10:18:34 am »

I redid the sprite, it found it was a tad big.. I probably won't change it anymore for the challenge but may ask for advices to improve it later  :)
I added a kind of teleporter, when you change the character, the present disappears and a new one appears.. I don't think I'll have the animation done for tomorrow tho  :P
I'll have to choose between an idle animation of the guy or the teleport.. ::)

by the way can someone tell me from what game I stole the idea of the teleport like this? I feel I have seen this somewhere before  :hehe:

Pixel Art / Re: first attempt at a mockup :O
« on: May 05, 2007, 02:42:02 am »
I also agree about the trunks they don't really fit the style.. but the clouds seems fine to me.. obviously, it's not a realistic world..  :)
I don't know what are the other 3 stuffs.. ennemies or bushes.. if they are bush I would make the base more flat.. ennemies, they maybe need a bit more work.. but it may work animated ..
I'm not too sure about the hlaf rez hearts..
want to see more.. :)

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 04, 2007, 02:55:50 pm »
thx for your crit Adarias,
I noticed the arrow was like a hole too.. but I didn't think it would be a problem cause around it, is still pretty thick and in "positive"... but I will check what it does in animation..

about the character I'll try to make them more alike yeah.. the portrait is far from being done  :)

not to post empty, here is a little update on the sprite..

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 04, 2007, 11:21:04 am »
thx for the comments guys  :)

I'll try to put more details about space to avoid the confusion with a bike game  :crazy: thx!

terminal arcade, I see what you mean.. I'll think about thx  :)

Presley, yeah you're right about the speed of the arrows.. I'll definitly speed 'em up  ;)

here is a little update.. going so slow...
hope you can distinguish something in this mess  ;D

what do you think of the new arrow?  :hehe: (panning stars inside)

Pixel Art / Re: kakiku 's dump
« on: May 03, 2007, 01:48:36 pm »
wip of the new challenge o PJ..

I hope not to screw it with my poor sprite skills  :crazy:

Pixel Art / Re: first sprite(s).. help needed ;D
« on: May 03, 2007, 11:51:35 am »
thx to you Presley  :)

Junkboy, I've been watching your edit for a long time and i can't see anything wrong... :y:
everything you changed is better!
I don't know why I didn't think of using more black...! :ouch:
thanks a lot  :)

Pixel Art / Re: first sprite(s).. help needed ;D
« on: May 03, 2007, 07:12:29 am »
Thx for comment Presley,
 about the different colors to AA (like you did with the blue on the trousers) I actually thought about it and didn't do it on purpose..

I' m actually a bit confused about it..
it's something I learnt here mainly from Helm, to use different colors and use them to AA.. but for a sprite, I was wondering if it's a good idea, as it seems sometimes, you can change the palette to create new colors for a nw sprite.. then what happen to the trousers if you decide to make its shirt pink.. ?

about the changes of light on the pant, I like how you did it, but it lost the appearance  of the ref  imo(the folds).. Also I feel the back leg is now his left one.. (the opposite of what I did )

and about the highlight on the stick.. I was really tempted to do it and didn't because 1:, on the ref, it doesn't seem shiny, 2: I 'm afraid it add a detail that could be understood like a gem or something.. 3: in animation, I was afraid it would be a swinging dot that would distract...

I like how you did the head tho, especially the beard..
I found the 'eyes' pretty difficult to do as I don't really understand them on the ref.. I think you did a good job on this part..

now I 'm far from saying that I'm right on everything..  :) cause seriously, I'm not that happy of the result.. even tho most of what I did is done after thought..
(except for the arms I think they are too long now  :crazy: , and a pixel on the front shoe that doesn't seem right  ;D )

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