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Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#075 - Warrior - Anatomy
« on: October 28, 2011, 07:49:59 pm »

So I'm interning at a games company at the moment, and the art is pixel art.

So for a few weeks I've been practising, reading up on tutorials and all that jazz, and so I decided to try and put my skills so far to use. Is my deviant art site. One of the pieces I put up there is "Nameless... for now." Mostly because I never named it. Reason I gave ya my link isn't for advertising. it's because I did a pixel version of nameless.

If you can't see it, it's also on the site there. Just right click the pic to view ti by itself.

I think it's 200x200. I edited some things from the hand drawn version as you may see or read on the site.

I need critique as it will helpe me improve at my job!

Thanks for the consideration

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