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We are a team of 7 currently looking for a pixel artist possibly that can animate.The theme of the game is close to retro-futuristic dystopian, meaning that main part of the game will be focused on the city stuff.

Its 2.5d pixel art and open world focused two points

    Playing the game

    Free roaming

If the player gets bored or finishes the game there would be plenty of world to explore and look around so what we need is good visuals form the pixel artist (and the other team members)

Main plot of the game : You stumble upon something no one was supposed to, something that kept everything as they should be but in a horrible way. Many secrets are hidden from people but they surround the whole world, solving them will be part of the story progress. What will you do ? You are given many choices during the game that will lead to one of the endings (story of the game is not yet set, only the theme). The player will also have to use his real skills, keep notes and try to figure out stuff by not only using the game.... there is also interactive stuff with the real world

Team members until now

Level designer
Pixel artist 1/2
Sound designer
3d artist 2/2
Unity designer

During this time you don't have just to do pixel art, you can have other skills too or might want to contribute in other stuff (story, mechanics, lighting, music .....)

Here are some rushed not finished stuff we have posted :

This might sound to you that is not going to work or might be a time wasting experience , but who knows............. WE are aiming to finish this project

Project is Rev share
I think that if each works hard the result will become better

Contact me here or here discord: Yikes#2469  if you are interested or have any questions

Make sure you include a portfolio or just screenshots of your work idk, if you include nothing but a message of saying i want to work with the team , your chances of being chosen get pretty low

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