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Pixel Art / Re: Updated my tutorial.
« on: September 08, 2005, 04:50:40 am »
Boo Tsugumo!  Boo!  ;D

See, they missed ya.  And it's good to see you Pixelation'ers did find refuge after CSP had... issues.  Greetz.

And to be an ass, I'll invade this thread by replying to other peoples questions. Ha ha!

Quote from: AdamT
And congrats on getting hired, Tsug. Did you work on Betty GBA at all?

Naa, Mr. "I'm the king of pixels" avoided that one.  Instead, that was myself on engine code, an artist we'll call "Secret Agent Barbie BG Artist", and more people you guys wouldn't know.  Even Z-Gravity managed to avoid Betty.  Truly, "Secret Agent Barbie BG Artist" and I are cursed by girl games.  :D  That was either our third of fourth Girl Game together.

Hey, congratz on Sigma Star.  I've always kept an eye on Way Forwards stuff, which is always up there in the art quality.  The game looks great.

Quote from: Tsu
I'm mainly updating the tutorials again because I've learned a bunch of new stuff (or how to explain old stuff) and I want to share that info with other people.

Tch, yeah.  It's a shame it'll be a while longer before the publisher begins to tease the game he's been on.  The stuff he'd been doing with effects has us all in awe (at least any of us that can appreciate the pixels), not to mention the animations are great.  He coped with being tossed into the fire of retail development well.  The "Tsu on Selout" tut is such a tease, the real cool stuff is coming... when he can find the time.

Ahh, now that's he's here, I can retire... not that it makes any sense, given I'm always on code.  ;D  You think I'm joking.

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