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Hay guise!

I'm no expert but here are my two cents:

Everything needs moar contrast, in particular the guy. He's way too bright, specially the shadows.

You need to make the floor tiles less regular, because if you can actually see the grid. Tiles shouldn't show any features that line up with the actual grid - it breaks the illusion.

On the artsy side, some frilly stuff (roots, tufts of grass) where the trees meet the ground would really be worth the effort - just a couple of details here and there and, voilą, spiffy tree.

Very good for a first timer, though. Real horrorshow   :y::lol: Keep up the good work. DO polish this, it has the potential for awesome!

Pixel Art / Re: South Park Sprites (without outlines)
« on: May 27, 2011, 12:10:05 am »
EDIT: Kyle's icon is the best of the quartet, I'd use it as a base for the other ones. Also, it's much more expressive. Perhaps the outlines issue could be settled by using outlines, just not plain black.

Honestly, I say you shouldn't care about the outlines, if you keep the right proportions because *that* small, some colors can look really jarring next to each other.

The colors next to each other are jarring in the show too, it is just part of the South Park aesthetic.

I meant jarring in the sense that makes your eyes go dizzy. As in medium green dots against bright red background. Not just ugly, actually difficult to look at. Perhaps that isn't called jarring, sorry  ???

I think these characters would be a lot more interesting and visually pleasing if you chose to interpret the designs in your own style instead of striving to emulate the style of the show. As media, paper cutouts and pixels present very different strengths and weaknesses.

That's what I was thinking, just a lot more properly laid out. Kudos for the phrasing.  :)

Pixel Art / Mana Icons for Fall From Heaven the Roguelike
« on: May 26, 2011, 11:54:19 pm »

So, these are some icons I've made for Fall From Heaven, a roguelike in development.

Made with GrafX2.

They represent, top to bottom, Elemental, Divination, Metamagic and Necromantic mana. The varying number of corners represents the degree of power, a la Heroes of Might and Magic IV, although I noticed that only afterwards. Srsly, all the while I was wondering where had I seen that before. The idea wasn't even mine, it was a suggestion from the dev.

They're supposed to be displayed for magic-using characters, and show the intensity and flavor of magical energy in the area.

YES, I KNOW THE LAST ONE IN THE FIRST ROW IS CRAPPY.  :'( But it's going to stay like that at least for some time, because now there are other pixels that need my attention.

In the bottom row you can see some intermediate stages of work. First of all I drew the whole golden border, then the elemental mana symbol. Then I decided and tested the other three color ramps, and copied, pasted and shaded the corners into their final colors. There is an out-of-ramp color that I had to change manually - I thought I had used six but I actually used seven - you can identify it in the dark red pixels in the necromantic mana border. Then came the necromantic symbol, an assload of fine tuning of the little gems (that don't even stand out that much - well sigh  :-[), and finally the Metamagic and Divination symbols (star thingy and angel thingy respectively).

I'm not going to redraw this any time soon, but some C+C will be appreciated, with future similar pieces in mind. And eventual polishing, but now it isn't a priority.

Pixel Art / Re: South Park Sprites (without outlines)
« on: May 26, 2011, 08:15:29 am »
Honestly, I say you shouldn't care about the outlines, if you keep the right proportions because *that* small, some colors can look really jarring next to each other.

I think that here readability should have higher priority than "realism" (moar liek southparkism).

But what the hell do I know?  :crazy:

And, most important of all: Hey! South Park!   :y::lol:

Hey! Thanks for the 2-frame tutorial! It's awesome!

This base sprite isn't going to be used after all, we're going to settle for something more FF6-ish, so I'll have to do *another* base sprite, but oh well, it'll be blockier and therefore easier.

And I'm going to follow that tutorial to the letter.

I'm remembering SoulBlazer now, which had a funny looking walk cycle, almost like rotor legs X_D

Ok I'll try to give some rationales/causes for some of the errors in these.

Well one reason for them having different proportions is taht in roguelikes, most of the time, each monster fits inside a tile, regardless of the monster's size. In NetHack a five-headed boss dragon is fit inside a 32x32 square, just the same as an orc or a fox. Maybe you know that already, but berhaps you don't because roguelikes are quite the niche games, having such a masochistic appeal and whatnot, like most of the time NOT EVEN HAVING GRAPHICS. So, very counter-intuitively, a smaller character ends up looking bigger because monsters aren't in scale.

About the lightsource, my you're right, the highlights are probably incoherent all over the place.

About the different styles... Well, the dwarves were the first tiles I did without any kind of reference, the game had some placeholder tiles lifted from I don't know where, and I just made up these dwarves, and that's how they came up. I tried to give them an air of civilized people, so that's why they're brighter than the other ones...

And about the zombies, well, I don't like zombies =/ that's probably why they turned up worse. The center one is probably the crappiest. Unreadable funky torso.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Little Ninja + Tileset
« on: May 22, 2011, 03:16:51 am »
Great!! Smooth and credible.

The first version strikes me as a girl instantly,although the latter one is more feminine. I still like the first one better. Nice colors and animation!


Here's a new version:

First Update

This version adds three new humans (Warrior, Hunter and Scholar) and also a couple of adjustments and corrections in other sprite (like the dwarf scholar and the strong zombie warrior)

From left to right and top to bottom:

-Default/Commoner, Warrior/Guard, Hunter
-Adept, Thief, Scholar.

-Warrior, Hunter
-Adept, Thief, Scholar

-Default, Slave, Archer
-Warrior (KI tribute), Strong warrior, Fleshhunter
-Duelist, Reaver, Unique

-Default, Slave, Archer
-Warrior, Strong Warrior (this one is a bit confusing  :-\), Fleshhunter
-Duelist, Reaver, Unique

Any feedback?


So these are the creature tiles I've already made for Fall From Heaven the Roguelike, the other project I'm collaborating in back at Temple of the Roguelike.

I'm much more satisfied with these than with the animooted little green guy.


I'm lending a hand in the art department of a couple of (as of yet!  8)) backwater roguelike projects, and for one of them I've gotta do two-frame animootions. I'm trying doing a base sprite and then editing it to make characters and monsters.

Soo those are the separate frames. Four directions, walking and idle. It's my first animated sprite  :crazy:

Idle animation. I didn't know what the heck to animate *idle* with so I went with feet tapping. I tried to do that bouncy thing but didn't manage to. Any advice / helpful links?

Walking animation. I used as reference some walking cycle tutorial I found around here. Cantremembername. But now I'm thinking that perhaps the second frame should be another pose, not the opposite contact pose.

Can it be C+C tiem nao? plz?  :)


I've been pixeling on and off for some years now, seven or something like that I think. Once upon a time I had an extremely crappy computer (even though I've since had even worse) and the only drawing program that would work was GrafX2. And I absolutely fell in love with it. Some time after, I learned what pixel art was. My earlier pixel stuff were your typical RPG maker charasets, and I've made some other stuff, some for fun but most of them for backwater game projects, which give me the motivation to start pixelling. I'm currently making creature tiles for two roguelike projects, one of them animooted. Actually, my first animations.

I'm not very skilled or prolific but I always try to give my pixels some personality, you can also find me at PixelJoint and Temple of the Roguelike.

Truth be told, I lack a lot of pixeling skills and techniques and I tend to end up boxing myself in the same kind of work. I hope some influences from here help me with that.

That's it! KTHXBYE  :crazy:

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