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Pixel Art / Character for a brawler
« on: September 20, 2013, 09:03:23 pm »

I'm looking for some C&C on this brawler char. He's super early and very wip, so feel free to help me correct my horrible anatomy and all the banding. He's supposed to be a super hero / super stylized char, so not being perfectly anatomically correct is fine. But I'm curious, what do you think about the length of his legs? My original version was shorter, but  felt too thin. And besides, everybody knows, friends don't let friends skip leg day!

Pixel Art / Char + Running animation
« on: May 22, 2009, 12:27:23 am »
Heya, long time no see, or rather no pixels. But hey, I'm here now, better late than never, right? I'm currently trying to get a basic understanding of animation, as a nice break from doing 3d-modelling and skeletal animation :) My current character is a pseudo-selfportrait, allthough slightly SD'd. As I'm not designing for anything specific, I went kinda overboard with the colors, probably need to reduce them somewhat. I'd love some general C&C on the character, I'm pretty sure there's a lot to be done.

The run animation started out at six frames (and that's what it's currently at) but after I was "finished" it I felt like I could probably extend the motion a bit and go up to eight. A couple of frames feel really jerky. What do you think? I haven't gotten started on the upper body/arms yet, wanted to see if I needed to do a total rehaul before I got any further.

[edit] Slight update, added two frames, and preliminary left arm movement. Will probably revamp entire animation, after tiles are done. Suggestions welcome.

I also have a little flash of him running, so you can see what I'm aiming to do with him.

Pixel Art / River City Random!
« on: November 16, 2008, 01:48:04 am »
I'm toying around with a "remake in the spirit" of River City Ransom, and I'm working on the player sprite. Besides the obviously deformed physique and the rather annoying shading on the hands, I think it's coming along ok. The problem I've run into right now is the pants and the lower part of the body. I'm just not sure about how to create a nice feeling of depth on the character, without making him look blocky. C&C and/or edits would be great.

As far as heads go, I'm planning on going in a totally different direction from the original, but right now I'd like to get a few pointers before I continue.

My WIP and the original, resized to fit my resolution.

Pixel Art / WIP Gameboy Advance SP
« on: October 17, 2008, 08:57:32 am »
Heya, long time, no pixelling. Started working on this SP a few nights ago, and I'm having a little trouble with the shading, especially on the lower parts. Any c+c would be appreciated
The lightsource is a bit inconsistent too, mainly because I've only had my own SP as a reference.

Pixel Art / A pretty standard set of tiles..
« on: April 14, 2007, 10:32:27 pm »
Since I've started working on a tile engine for a small project, I thought it would be a great way to get back into doing pixel graphics. I started working on them a couple of nights ago, along with the engine itself, just so that once I get around to testing it, I have something to test it with. It's pretty bland now, and the tiling on the grass itself is horrible, but I'm hoping to work that out soon. I was also hoping that someone could give me an idea of how to texture my dirt, to make it  more.. Well, dirty. A few of the tiles are also mirrored, as this is a feature of the engine, but I'm not sure if I want to do that once I get the actual tiles done, other than for the sake of being able to.

Not much to c&c yet, but I'd just like to know if I'm at all going in the right direction, now that I'm just getting started. It's a lot easier to change an error early on. :)

tiles <- -> almost identical tiledemo :)

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