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Hi, my name is Artyem, i am indie-game developer. At the moment i am working on adventure-rpg game in pixel style for PC, Nintendo switch, and mobile devices, the game called "Nature invader", survival game based on procedural terrain generation. Besides it has a variation on different biomes and regions.Now, i am looking for a creative pixel artist to draw graphics for my game.
In total there are :

- 12 tilesets (16x16 each)
- 23 tiles (16x16 almost each)
- 75 icons (16x16 each)
- character + 4 animations (4 frames; 16x16)
- bear + 4 animations (4 frames; 24x16)
- hare +3 animations (4 frames; 16x16)
- 2 particles (4 frames; 16x16)

The budget is 510$. Looking forward to discuss all information about payment and dates with you, just don`t forget to attach your portfolio reference, in order, it will help me to analize your reply quicker. I will attach the prototype, whick will perfectly suit for the style of the game. P.S. my native language is not english, sorry for possible mistakes. Regards, Artyem    8)

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