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Pixel Art / Re: Namesake
« on: January 21, 2010, 04:05:15 pm »
you have a nice perspective except for the feet, which look fairly straight-on - especially his back foot.  that leg is, to my eye, too long and is contributing to the flat, straight-on feel.  the hands are pretty unclear as to what's going on and i think CrazyMLC's edit helps to clarify his sword-holding hand though i am still a little lost on his other one.  the contrast on his shirt where the white meets the yellow ochre-ish color seemed too stark, and looked more like a shadow under a loose piece of cloth, if that makes sense.

i really like the simplified shading/coloring, though, as well as the over-all design.

i went ahead and did an edit to try to put the feet into perspective, touched up the sword in a similar fahsion to CrazyMLC, while trying to fit it more into the perspective of the character, and then tried to tone down the contrast in his shirt as well as a few miscellaneous tweaking throughout - none of which is terribly noticeable.

i hope that helps.

oh, and hello Pixelation.

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