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Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2016
« on: December 25, 2016, 06:17:18 pm »
Glad you like it MysteryMeat! :D I'm not so good at doing "weird horror stuff", so I tried to fool around with Santa's expectations :)

Thanks a lot for the gift skamocore! :D Love the cute ribbon!

Really nice to see all these for Christmas! Will surely participate next year too :)

Merry Christmas everbody!

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2016 Sign-Up
« on: November 22, 2016, 11:19:18 am »
Hi, I am new to pixelation and I registered specifically for this thread! Sounds fun. :)

I'm in!

Stuff I like (sorry if too much info, but at least it will give you enough choices if I am your chosen one) :

Games: Zelda (Link), Mario (Luigi), Pokémon (honestly too lazy to translate the french names I know), Animal Crossing (Isabelle, Rover), TimeSplitters (any character is fine since I doubt a lot of people know TimeSplitters), Katamary Damacy, Silent Hill, Undertale (Flowey, Temmie, Chara? I dislike most of the most famous characters otherwise, like Undyne, Alphys, Sans - especially because people don't know how he works with his "blue" eye - and his brother), boy it is a long list for what it is so I will stop there.

Other stuff I like:
food (desserts, chocolate, burgers, jelly, jelly), cute stuff, cats, rabbits, raccoons, sweets, cute things, monsters (cute monsters as well), weapons (especially old ones), adorable stuff, epic things, glorious stuff, humor! let's not forget humor; how did I forget to mention I like humor? Did I mention cute stuff
I do not dislike blood, as long as it's not too gory
Not against nudity neither

Colors I like: Pink (sweet pink), blue (pale, non-dark blue), red, black, white

I think I'll stop there for what I like...

Stuff I don't like:

Tomatoes. Cinnamon. Hateful things. Romance (I dislike it more than tomatoes). The color green (it just is the color I like the less though, it's fine to have plants and stuff, just that I would never wear green)

Hope it gives you enough choices.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.
« on: November 22, 2016, 10:48:36 am »
Hello there! I am Kwis.  :)

Not much (interesting) to say, except I am an artist who has always been interested in pixel art, but only recently got into it. I also make digital art and I am looking for game development. (I am already the artist of a smartphone game, but no pixel art in there)
I have lots of projects and intend to create games myself! But I am not as experienced in game making as I am in art so... oh well. :D

Nice to meet you! (and when I say you, I mean whoever reads this, cause I doubt anyone would notice, heh)

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