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Portfolios / Pixel artist for hire for free
« on: August 27, 2016, 10:45:21 am »
Hi everyone! I'm new here, and mostly new to pixel art. Down you are able to check few of my 'fist works'.
Something about me: I'm a psychologist with a strong drive into videogames, I love them, and psy gave me so much about, because actually if we can experience what we do while playing, it's because our brain allow it, no exceptions.
That's why I've studied game design and I'm now 'skilling' in pixel art.

As far you can see the animation down here aren't too smooth or defined, that's because I didn't have so much time in this last week to work on them, soon I'll upload few new better animantion.

At the moment I'm able to work on a new project for free but ofc I'm not working for everyone at anytime, I think that 'enjoying the project', is a must, so if i don't feel ok about it, or i think that it's too much over my skills I'll politely refuse it :)

By the way, after 100h of works I'm going to ask a small ammount of money (3.5$ to 5$ per hour), because that means that you feel ok about my works.
If paid I guarantee a artwork every x hours/days (based on it's nature), for a maximum of 8h per day (every h of work after the 8 will be free of charge).

September is going to be a little busy month (have move in a new home) so from the 15th to the 26th I couldn't be able to work full time.

If need I can also realise pixel art canvas, something that i'll do only on demand and paid due to the high costs of the colours used.
Those are few of my canvas

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