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Wow! We keep getting amazing art on this challenge!

Marscaleb: I'm glad you liked my mockup, and you have a really good point on your review of it. The dark and sepia choice of colors can really get dull and boring after a while, and I didn't think about it too much when making this mockup, so I don't have a long term plan for the rest of the game. But right now I'm having some small ideas for little bits of color variation without breaking the previous tone too much. I think I could play a little with different light sources, providing different colored lights, or even some bright colored enemies. As soon as I get some free time I'll try making a mockup of another part of the game to see how those ideas could turn out.

Hope to see something of your game soon! I love Castlevania, and I love games that follow older systems' limitations, so I'm already really interested in your project!

Pixel Art / Re: Beam Struggle Doodle
« on: May 04, 2016, 02:06:36 am »
I think DracoDragon42 and Mistery Meat nailed a great detail on their edits, by making them a little bit more messy, and you started taking that path with your last edit too.
Having that in mind I did my own attempt at it.

An energy beam (wich is how I interpreted your beams as) would probably be less "controled" and "mechanical" and look more like plasma. So I would suggest you going for more a more imperfect and organic look, with more jagged or doodly lines instead of laser-like straight lines. That would not only make it look more natural and readable, but more dynamic too.

As you can see, even the clash of the beams is asymetric, and I added small sparks or particles flying everywhere to enhance that messy look even more. Think about how an explosion, with stuff flying everywhere, or paint splashing against an object would look like to get the idea.

Then I just polished a little bit and added more colors. There is still a lot of room for improvement on it, but it shows the basic idea that comes to my mind when I think about two guys shooting beams at each other.

Great info there, Kasumi. Since I discovered this thread I was wondering about the posibility of getting these mockups into the real game, and how difficult it would be. It would make a great long-term project for the forum if we managed to get a lot of people interested on it.

I love the idea of programming nes games but its way over my head!
Totally agree with this. I also have an unfinished Castlevania engine that I started some years ago, after realizing how much time, work and how many headaches would take me to put all my ideas on an actual NES hack.

Pixel Art / Re: [critique me bum] Umbrella man with floaty eyes
« on: April 22, 2016, 01:38:17 am »
No problem, I'm glad I could help. Hope to see more updates on the Umbrella man!

Pixel Art / Re: [critique me bum] Umbrella man with floaty eyes
« on: April 20, 2016, 12:41:13 pm »
I understand what you want. The smaller the image, the more difficult to animate subtle and slow movement on it, because each pixel is a bigger part of the image. That's when sub-pixel animation is useful. This link explains it in great detail. Is a short read, and helps a lot when you want soft movement on small pixel art.

I made a fast attempt at it on the right eye. Is not as subtle as it probably could be with more work on it, and I only added one new color to the palette, so it kinda looks weird when you start zooming in, but I believe it looks decent at 1x and maybe at 2x. Also, the anti-aliasing makes the eye look a little bit more circular too.

Hello! Another new user here! Have been interested on joining Pixelation for a while and this challenge was exactly the motivation I was looking for, so I took the chance to take part on it.
Here is my take on the castle's gardens at the start of the game. Took big liberties with it and reimagined a lot of stuff, having a more dark and realistic look in mind, but still keeping the picture recognizable. Hope my work is good enought, since everyone has done amazing stuff so far.




Used a total of 125 tiles. There probably are a few tiles that could be reused here and there to get more free space (specially since I totally forgot about the castle at the end of this screen), but I wanted to post this already or I will keep working on it forever.
As an aditional challenge, I used only 3 palettes on the background itself, and saved the last one just for the UI.
I went a little bit crazier with the sprites. Changed everything in the way the torches work, the base is now made out of backgrounds tiles, and only the fire is made out of sprites. I use the same 6 sprite tiles the original torch used, but in a total different way to get a 4 frame animation cycle instead of 2, like the original one has.
Didn't change Simon's sprite, but maybe, I'll get to work on him someday, since I had a lot of fun getting creative with this game I like so much.

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