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    White Rabbit is looking for a experienced 2D animator! This position is for someone who can work 40 hours full time but part time can be discussed. This position would last for about 3 months. Experience animating in "Spine" and with pixel art is a huge plus.


    As a 2D animator you would be animating enemies and bosses specifically.

    • Strong 2D animation skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Strong self-motivation
    • Passion for videogames and Death’s Gambit

    • Experience animating in Spine
    • You are a big Dark Souls fan or fighting game fan
    • Have worked in a professional team setting

    To apply please email  with the email title "Death’s Gambit Animator Application”. Please include your portfolio or website with recent works. We will get back to you within a week or two of receiving your email.



    The game is called Death's Gambit. It is a challenging action rpg where you explore an alien medieval planet filled with horrors, beasts, and knights. Every new enemy encounter is a complex puzzle to solve. Every piece of environment and mechanic tells part of the story.

    More game shots (WORK IN PROGRESS):

    To apply please email with:
    -Samples of your work
    -Your experience doing art with games
    -Your availability per week

    A 2D artist with art that can match our art style or can take it to the next level! Your work would include arting up monsters and their animations as well as some environment art. We are looking for someone who is very dedicated and reliable that can ATLEAST put in 20+ hours a week and be able to do 40 if the game is kickstarted. You would also have input on other parts of the game as well!

    The current shots we have are very light. We do think that the majority of the game will be relatively darker than the art we are showing here. We also really want the game to not feel retro and more modern. We also feel that we have progress to make with our art style. It will get there soon =)

    I am Jean Canellas, I am a designer/programmer on the project. I've had professional paid experience as both a game designer and as a programmer. Check my website at

    I am known to finish the projects. I work 50+ hours a week on this project. I really want this game to be the best it can possibly be. It's a game concept that has been on my mind for years now. Also in the team is Alex Kubodera currently the artist on the project. Although he's pushing through a lot of great art, he unfortunately cannot dedicate more than 20+ hours on the project which is why we are looking for another 2D artist. Our Composer is Kyle Hnedak who currently interns with Hans Zimmer.

    We will be kickstarting the game. This is position will become paid if the kickstarter is successful.

    We are entering the end of pre-production with a lot of our systems done. We have about an hour of game play and multiple boss battles prototyped.

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