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EDIT: An artist has been chosen. Will update if anything changes.

Looking for a pixel artist that is able to produce graphics resembling a 2D Platform Horror game to be published on Steam. PLEASE read below before contacting.


Game style: 2D, platform/sidescroller
Setting: In an abandoned town
Must know how to do animations, characters, environments, possible UI but UI is not necessary.

Quality that we're looking for:

Credit: Lone Survivor

Credit: Uncanny Valley

And please let me mention that if your art style or quality does NOT fit at all with the above images, please do NOT email us. You will not be responded to.

I know that is harsh to hear but it is a bit frustrating to filter out artists who's styles are no-where near what we are looking for as described in this topic.

Uncanny Valley is definitely a very close to the kind of style we're looking for. We are not at all looking to copy this games style, merely looking for someone that can produce a style with a similar level of quality to produce a horror-themed mood to this game.

PLEASE do not contact us if your style or quality does not fit with any of the above images.

The game will be online and will feature a single player mode. If you can produce the work at a fairly small resolution to be upscaled, that would be good. However if you can do higher resolution art, that would be better.

The game takes place in an abandoned town at and will feature buildings that players can go into and out. This means the artist will need to draw both the outside of some buildings and the inside. Other buildings will just be boarded up and wont be able to enter.

Players will be able to wield guns and shoot at appropriate angles, so arms will need to be able to rotate and adjust to the appropriate gun. Players can also slightly jump, duck, go up ladders, wield melee weapons, punch, etc. To make life easier for the artist there will be just one player outfit/costume.

It will also feature things like zombies, jump-scares, blood-splatter effects, ability to turn off/on lights in rooms, etc.

The map designs/sketches will be given to you. Most of the map (the town) will be drawn onto a background image.
Things such as objects will be separate. More would be discussed through skype/email.

Payment will be done through e-transfer (electronic transfer). Payment will be in CAD (canadian dollars).
Payment will be sent throughout the artists progress, in quarters. We've had problems in the past where artists have abandoned projects.

For example if you offered $100, we would pay $25 each quarter as you make progress on the game. This is just an example.

Payment will not be done by the hour. As a good amount of progress is made, that would be considered a quarter.

Please be aware of this payment system before you contact us. We can answer any questions you have about it.

How long depends on how long you can take to do the art. To be honest, the game is all concentrated in one room/map. The town the game is set in is not very large. One building would most likely have more than 3 floors, others would have 2, and some will just have one floor. 10 buildings max around there. You are more than allowed to use repeated artwork (for example we wont ask you to design different types of fridges or doors).

Contact us at
We are legitimate, we do not run away with your artwork without payment.
We can provide references if needed.

We ask that you provide a portfolio of your work or at least a few select images showing that you can create the kind of quality we're looking for (look above).
And also, tell us a flat total fee you think would be acceptable for the work. We can provide more information before you give us this though, just ask.

If I don't respond, do not take it personally, your style most likely just did not fit.

Skype is the preferred talking tool, but if absolutely necessary we can communicate by email throughout development.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Job offers / Re: [PAID] Splitscreen multiplayer platformer
« on: July 30, 2015, 07:36:44 pm »
Still looking for artists. Updated with new images for style we're looking for.

Job offers / [PAID] Splitscreen multiplayer platformer
« on: July 23, 2015, 08:56:34 am »
Hey guys!

I'm currently looking for an artist that can at the very least, provide me with some mock screenshots or enough content for a demo for a Kickstarter Campaign.

I've already begun work on the engine and this project should be fairly small. It will be released on Steam.

It's a co-op multiplayer splitscreen platform game involving capture the flag. One of the first maps will take place inside a city.

I need you to provide me with your portfolio. I'd prefer you have some experience with drawing sidescrollers/platformers. You'd also need some fairly good animations as well.

Prices can be discussed in email. I'd also ask that if the Kickstarter is successful, you continue to work on it with me as you'd be able to get paid for the entire project. However, you are not required to continue working with me after the Kickstarter campaign and I can find another artist.

I can also provide you with sketches.

This is a really good reference to the kind of style I'm looking for in the environment of the game:

Credit to:;u=47430

Here is a list of what kind of quality I'm hoping for:

Please email me at

Unpaid Work / [REV SHARE] Large Downloads, 1v1 "League" Game
« on: September 22, 2014, 08:29:36 pm »
Contact info:
Rev Share: 50/50

I'm a game developer and I currently am able to export to the following platforms:
- Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam, Humble Bundle, etc.)
- Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone 7/8

The engine I work with is fast to program on and I've used it for 10 years, very experienced. I also am able to implement free-to-play ads or IAP's easily once its ready to launch on mobile markets.

I would also set the game up for Steam Greenlight and Humble Bundle.

What kind of game is this?
The game size is fairly small-medium. It's not very large at all. It consists of 1 on 1 battles based on the game: "League of Legends". It would be local multiplayer.

While it's meant for 1 on 1 matches, up to 4 players can play at a time.

The game map is extremely small.

Up to 5 characters would need to be done, as well as:
- UI
- Enemies/AI
- Misc. Objects
- Small environment for the map
- Effects
- Animations

The amount of artwork needed really is not a lot, and I hope for the entire project to be done in about a month. I do not require you to work on it every day, just when you have time.

Sketches for the game are done and would be ready to send once you're on board. I require no contract negotiations, but if you need one I would be more than willing to sign one.

Who am I looking for?
I'm currently looking for pixel artists for a fairly small game which would take around a month to program, art depends on how fast you can make it.

This is the quality of work I'm looking for:

Should not be too demanding at all.

More information will be provided once you're on board. Skype is preferred, if not we can just use email or even google chat or something else if needed.

Who am I?
I am not a very demanding person. I will not scream at you if something you produce isnt to my standards, and I will not hassle you to get something done on time, I'm a very patient person.

Aside from this, I'm easy to work with. I've made games on the Android Google Play Store that have gotten downloads of over 10,000, and those are just from extremely small games that took little effort to make, most notably those games are called "Blow Away" and "Pixel Bunny Dash".

I assure you that we can make a small game that can achieve even higher rates than that with my marketing consultants.

Here's a link to my store page:

I've also developed an online arena deathmatch game that is currently awaiting to get greenlit:

How to contact
I'm very easy to work with.
Please e-mail me at or post on here with your portfolio, including at least a link to your portfolio or a few images of your work.


Job offers / Re: [PAID] Small mobile platform game
« on: May 25, 2014, 07:07:34 am »
The position has been filled.
Thank you to all who contacted me.

Job offers / [PAID] Small mobile platform game
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:17:37 am »
The Game
Currently looking for a pixel artist for a very small job involving an online mobile game.

The mobile game is extremely small in terms of sprite/artwork. There are three main screens:
- Main menu
- Match selection screen(simple UI)
- Game screen

More details will be discussed about the game later.
I have a few design images/sketches about the game to help.

Type of artwork required
The artist needs to be able to do
- 240x160 or 480x320 scale art
- 2D sidescroll/platform view art
- UI menus
- A backdrop
- characters
- a few objects
- animations regarding the characters
- menu title
- other possible sprites at request

I am looking for art in these types of styles:
Credit to roninrobin:

Credit to neike60:

Credit to Ilija Melentijevic:

I am offering $150 for the artwork + possible PSD files at request as this is a fairly small game.

I usually do not check PM's on here but I often check my email:

Please only contact me if you fit the requirements, are okay with the payment, and can provide me a portfolio or a few images that show your past artwork.

Thanks guys!

I'm currently looking for someone that can fill the shoes of a previous artist on a small to medium scale game I'm working on.
Unfortunately the previous artist has left without notice and I am in need of a new one.

Will the game be successful?
Let me start off by saying that the artwork the artist did was very fair to what I wanted, and I don't believe it should be too hard to replicate at all.
I managed to complete (still actually needs a bit more art) a prologue for the game and I posted it to reddit and I got a lot of great comments for it!

Here's the reddit page for it:

There are always risks, however I have had a lot of success in the past with mobile games, specifically this one:
which managed to rake in about 20,000 downloads within the first few days after it was published!

And judging from a few subreddits I've posted the prologue sneak peek to, I would say that this would be fairly popular once it's finished.

I am also going to be starting a kickstarter once we have enough content to show (shouldn't be too long for that to happen!),
which is also when I would post the game to steam greenlight.

What platforms would it go on?
I am able to export this game to the following platforms:
- Steam Greenlight
- Windows
- Mac OS X
- Linux
- Android / iOS
- Windows Phone 7
- Tizen (a new platform)

So even if the game is not successful on one platform, there are always the chances it will be successful on another.

What art style are you looking for?
Here's some of the screenshots I took from the game while playing through the prologue:

If you can work with this art, that would be great.

What is the game about?
The game is a 2D-Horror zombie game set in a Hospital.
Unlike other zombie games, this one is set at the origination of the apocalypse.

The story originates when the players wife is deathly ill and dies on her death bed beside the player.
The player then proceeds to exit the building when suddenly the lights go out and a scream is heard. It is then when the gameplay
takes over and it's up to you to find out what's going on. Eventually you will go back to your wife's room to find she is gone,
and it won't be until the end of the game that you find out what's happened to her.

What will the gameplay consist of?
The game is heavily inspired from Luigi's Mansion. For the most part it's more of an exploration game than a fast-paced shooter,
however the gameplay will consist of shooting down zombies, looking for keys, getting to the next floor, etc.
There would even be unique aspects of the gameplay where for example you could use the zombies to your advantage by using them
as camouflage to deter other zombies away from you.

A lot of the gameplay would consist of heavy "scarings" where things may pop out of nowhere and increasingly scare the player.

How long would it take to make?
I am in absolutely no rush to get this game finished but I am absolutely hoping to get this game finished by the summer or even the end of the summer.
However long it takes though is no problem at all.

This is by no means a large project. It is more medium-scaled than anything and is not at all meant to take up a majority of your time.
I would allow you to take as much time as possible to finish whatever art that needs to be done next.
If you're at all busy or need to take a break, this is also fine for me.

I simply need someone that will not just quit on me without notice or reason, as it's happened too many times in the past and I haven't been able
to get a lot of the projects I've had planned done.

If by any chance you feel there is too much work to be done, I would not mind asking another artist to come along for the ride.

How will the revenue share work?
We would split all profits made 50/50 on all platforms we profit from (Steam, HumbleBundle, Android, iOS, etc...).

Contact information
If you're at all interested you can contact me at:

I do believe this can be a success if we put enough effort into it.
If for whatever reason you feel this project is too big, I do have other smaller ideas that we can do for mobile games, so don't hesitate to contact me!

Please be sure to include some kind of website that shows your portfolio or examples of your work, or just simply include links to images
that can show me what you've done.


Unpaid Work / [REVSHARE] Artist Needed : Hospital Zombie Game
« on: October 30, 2013, 11:48:14 pm »
What I'm looking for
I'm looking for a pixel artist (or artist in general) that can fit the needs of the style I'm going for.
The kind of game and mood is:
- 2D of course
- Sidescroller/Platformer
- Creepy/Eerie/Horror

Anyone that can do things such as:
- A detailed environment: Hospital hallways, outside building, sky background
- Details: Props such as counters, hospital equipment, elevator doors, cafeteria,
basement props, usual stuff you'd find in a hospital
- Characters: Zombies, main player, animations, friendly A.I., etc.

To be more specific on the kind of style I want, here are a few examples. All though these styles vary, if you believe you can do any of these styles then I think we're off to a good start.

For this game, I am not exactly looking for a very complex style at all. I want to base the style on what you can really do best. The style for all we know could be fairly simple.

Exactly what kind of game are we making?
I'd be more open to discuss it once we agree on partnership but the basic synopsis of the game is that
it takes place in a hospital and you have to fend off roaming zombies/walkers around the hallways.
It seems like a typical zombie game but I always like to make my games unique in a way that people will love it.

This project size should be fairly medium, not large at all.

Are you (the programmer) experienced?
I've been making games and coding in languages for over 7 years now. Aside from that, recently I've made a few games that have gotten very good numbers of downloads on mobile app stores, however they were fairly small projects so I would expect a much larger download rate on this game.

Here's one example that I made and it achieved over 20,000 downloads within at least a week on Google Play:
Here's a quick screenshot of it:

On iOS it did okay, at around 2500 downloads currently (though it was unmarketed).

Another example I have is a very very small game that took about 4 days to program (mainly because I was busy, could have taken at least 2 days). Again this was a very small game, yet I was able to get around 20,000 downloads in just 5 days!

Another game I made: Studge, which did not take that long, around 2 weeks of work, got around $2000 on the Amazon Appstore (non-free game).

I've also sold 2 HTML5 games which totalled up to $700 recently. I have been hesitant though from contacting publishers as I've been trying to build more of a portfolio. Here's a screenshot of one of them:

How will I be paid?
We go 50/50 on all profits made from the game. So this is a revenue-share deal.
I am also willing to negotiate a paid contract if I can accept the price(s). Would be worked out later.

How do we make money?
I can export to multiple platforms.
Those of which include: Windows, Windows 8, iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac OSX and Tizen, Windows Phone.

Depending on the quality of the game, on mobile markets we would either sell it as a paid game, or we make
it free with advertisements and IAPs (In App Purchases).

If it so happens that this game can run on HTML5 smoothly, I can also sell it to publishers who will pay for licensing
of the game or hosting rights for their websites.

Also, I have STEAM GREENLIGHT access.
If the game has a good enough quality, I can put it up on Steam Greenlight for users to vote on.
The game does not even have to be complete to be put on Steam Greenlight mind you, a few screenshots
and possibly a video of the game footage (or mockups) will suffice.

I actually know someone that got their game greenlit on Steam and he's making quite a bit of money off of it (won't release those details due to privacy). So yes, Steam is a definite solution.

Along with Steam Greenlight, I am also willing to put up a Kickstarter campaign.

What do I need to do (the artist)?
Simply private message me or e-mail me that you'd wish to be an artist for this game.
I also require that you send me some kind of portfolio or examples of your work.
You can e-mail me at:

I don't need someone that can work at an extremely fast pace, as time is definitely not a big factor.
I do need someone that can produce a good quality of work.

Again, the game is fairly medium-sized. If I had to guess, the game would possibly take at least a month to complete. Though those details can be worked out later.

You can trust that I'm very friendly and fun to work with. I have a huge passion for making quality games.


Sorry about duplicate topic. I didn't realize we couldn't post revshare topics in the other forum.

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