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Job offers / Re: [PAID] 2D Pixel Art for Strategy / Simulation Game
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:55:02 pm »
Thank you to everyone who has sent in an e-mail so far. I'm currently sifting through them. Feel free to keep sending them in if you're interested!

Job offers / [CLOSED] 2D Pixel Art for Strategy / Simulation Game
« on: October 22, 2013, 04:06:26 am »
Edit: Thank you for all your submissions everyone, I don't need any more applicants!

Hi Everyone!

Iíve been working solo doing the programming and art for a currently unnamed simulation / strategy PC game in my off-time from my regular full time job. Because of this I need some help with the sprite work in order to get this done in a timely fashion.


- I will potentially need a fair amount of sprite work done, but for now I only need the following pieces done to see how things go (I can provide more detail upon request):

1) (2) ~70x70 creatures based off line art/pixel art Iíve drawn.

2) 4 frame idle standing animation of one of the above creatures.

3) (2) ~50x50 icons of a jungle landscape

Some of my art for reference (your work doesn't need to exactly match mine):


- All work will be paid through Paypal in USD. Please keep in mind that I am self-funding all of this myself so I am somewhat limited funds wise.

- I will keep the commercial rights to all paid commissioned work, but you will be credited in the full game. You will also be able to use any art you create in your personal portfolio, but not until it has been shown to the public by me (i.e. via a screenshot or trailer).


The game Iím working on is a mix of two concepts:

1) A creature simulation, in which you explore an uncharted island and raise a creature you find within.

2) A RPG-ish romp through the islandís abandoned temple in which the aforementioned creature fights for you as you unlock the templeís secrets.

There are also strategy elements such as a tech tree to research, etc. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

If youíre interested please send your portfolio/samples as well as your estimated rates to -

Contact: gotchigames (at) gmail (dot) com

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