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Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Platform Game
« on: June 18, 2013, 10:54:53 am »
It took me a while to realize this because your shading is quite good, but I don't see any highlights.  I don't see any specular reflections.  Shading is for setting the tone and shape.  Highlights are for giving fuel to the imagination for the defining characteristics, and for showing the curvature.

On the big trees, for example, I think there should be a few thin stripes of one shade higher to point out the direction of the light source, indicate that it is a 3D surface, draw the eye to pay attention to details, and provide an extra level of depth.  I think all landmarks, like the gargoyle, need highlights to make them memorable.  And I think the clouds could use some highlights to make them look like clouds, and to draw a bit of attention to the background (because the background is a type of landmark).

The night sky definitely needs some highlights to show that the moon has a strong effect on illuminating the clouds.  The brightest shade of cloud there is good for a highlight on the nearby cloud formations.  Also I feel as though there should be some bright, wispy aspects to the clouds.  You seem to have added hints of wispy aspects to the clouds, but they're not lit up by the moonlight.

Lastly, I like #s 03, 04, and 06.
03, to me, has the same feel as the building.
04, to me, has the feeling of a happier, more comfortable sky, although still dark and ominous.  This then contrasts with the castle walls to make the interior feel a lot more intimidating; with the only solace being the dark purple visible through the windows.
06, to me, has the opposite effect.  Outside is dangerous, inside is the only solace.  The windows are there to remind me that things are going to get worse very soon.
The backgrounds with changing colors don't work for me.  They seem out-of-place.  If it's supposed to be sunset/sunrise, then the shading, I think, should be a bit reversed, with brightness coming from below the clouds.
The green color background, 09, is too similar in color to the foreground elements, making everything seem to blend together in a confusing way.

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