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Edit: I found it but not in this community, thanks anyway

My name is Andrea and as title says I am looking for a pixel artist capable of doing both mechas and human battlers, but not only that.

I am trying to do a jrpg-style game like Xenogears/Xenosaga (if you know these titles you already know what I have in mind).

What I need is:
3 Mecha battlers (160x160) [Template of the frames I need]
3 Human battlers (160x160) [Template]
at least 5 mecha Charas (65x75) [Chara Template]
many monsters  (1 only sprite for each one of them)

The story is set in a future where the Earth has been annihilated and mankind is settled in space colonies that orbit around the fallen Planet, it's an adult story so I don't search for super deformed sprites.

I have some examples of how the battlers should be:
Human battlers

I am looking for someone capable and reliable, I don't search for someone that leaves the project mid-way, so I will ask for a social media contact (fb, Ig, Discord, etc) and cellphone (and of course I will give mines).

What I can offer:
50 for each battler (300 euro in total)
10 for each chara
8 for each monster

Thank you in advance for your time

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