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Job offers / [PAID] MrBeast Gaming Pixel Artist
« on: November 07, 2020, 07:11:45 pm »
MrBeast Gaming is a rapidly growing Youtube channel with over 10 million subscribers. We are looking for a Pixel Artist to join the team to help with an ongoing project as well as to assist with other future projects. This position is remote, paid and available both part time and full time at an above standard industry pay grade. We require that you have a prepared portfolio before applying.

Your primary task will be to develop custom textures within an RPG style. You may also be asked to complete other art related tasks alongside the main project.

- Produce pixelated textures as needed for the project..
- Expected to work according to our project plans while taking full personal initiative in regards to the creative concepts and design of the textures while staying within the art direction that we have laid out for each individual project.
- An existing portfolio of pixel artwork located online is required to apply.
- The ideal employee is someone who is self motivated and needs very little supervision.
- You will be expected to work with the project management to review and alter your work.
- Blatant plagiarism will be pursued in court in order to recoup any potential damages caused to the MrBeast brand.

To apply please use this form:

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