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Job offers / [Paid/revshare] Pixel artist, top down, viking themed
« on: May 31, 2019, 01:22:35 pm »
Top down (MAYBE) isometric viking themed game. It will be a story based RPG game, hopefully with a big world. I want to push out around 15 hours of game-play as base game with continuous content updates. I have no idea what size the tiles would be. I need someone to put me on the right direction for the design aspect.

What I need (for now):
 - 60+- tiles
 - 10+- movement sheets (breakable objects and character + npc)
 - Sprites that don't look like a NES game.
 -(?) Music
 -(?) Cinematics
 -(?) Writer

What can you expect:
Hopefully a long term work relationship, because obviously I need more than 60 tiles and 10 movement sheets. I prefer paying in revshare since this is more of a big project I want to dedicate A LOT of time in and don't exactly have a big funding for, but if you need money, we could probably work something out.

(Yes, I've posted here before. I should've put more info in this post back then, instead of having to email around 50 people back with more information)

For more information(I prefer discord or steam):
discord: kwek#1062

Job offers / (paid) pixel artist
« on: May 26, 2019, 12:38:54 pm »
Need a pixel artist for a top down game I'm planning to make.

I need a tileset and some sprites.

Budget is tight

discord: kwek#1062

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