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Pixel Art / Desert/Drylands Tileset
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:47:32 pm »

Working on a desert-themed tileset, looking for ways in which I can improve it.


Pixel Art / [C&C][WIP] Explosion, Man with guitar
« on: July 28, 2015, 01:37:40 am »

Spent the past couple of days in my free time making something a bit odd. Either way, I'd love to get some feedback.

It's largely unfinished, and its always better to get feedback earlier. Ignore the few different attempts at dithering in some places (the bottom, mostly), I'm just trying stuff out. Colors still need reworking, IMO.

Pixel Art / [C&C][WIP] A to Z Game, Chapter Title Image
« on: May 12, 2015, 07:58:41 pm »
It's been a while since I've made a topic, but as it's the summer and I'll have some free time, I want to get working on a project of mine:

Title screen
It started as a Christmas present that I want to develop further, and as I'm working alone I'd love some outside feedback.
Some screenshots here (that use an in-game lighting system, so they're not quite the best for adaptation:

The player controls both the A and the Z simultaneously, with the horizontal movement of the Z being inverted. It's a simple puzzle/planning type game, and I've been working on and off on it for a while now.

And, for adaptation and other things, here's the actual tileset for the floor

So I guess I'd be looking for general feedback, as well as a way to really vary the visual structure of the levels to provide a more rich atmosphere and less of a plain, flat one.

Pixel Art / Frog WIP
« on: October 15, 2013, 04:12:56 pm »

So I took a bit of a break from my game tiles and started this little guy. I know there's a bit of anti-aliasing issues all over the place, but I Want to know what you guys think


Pixel Art / Game Tileset Help
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:44:28 pm »
So I have been working on a little platformer for a while, and it's been so long since I have visited the site that when I checked it today, I felt like the community may be able to help me work on my aesthetic a little bit.

So the characters are square for purely sentimental reasons, as it's a remake of the very first original game I ever started working on, and, at the time, I was bad with bounding boxes, so everything was made of squares. Still, I think I could use some help here.

The player is the yellow guy, npc is grey, enemy is red.
Some of the tiles are either mistakes or have not yet been worked on very much.

OH! An important note I remembered, ther two bluish layers in the background are layers that have some parallax scrolling for depth (and the white in the corner is an area I haven't quite worked on yet, oops), so their positioning is a bit varied by player positioning, and the sky looks something like this:

Pixel Art / Critique: Colorful Woman
« on: September 14, 2011, 12:03:04 am »
First off, it's been a while since I have been on here... And anyone know when the site got this horrid looking skin and when it might get the old one back?
Second, I was working on a project in class today when it inspired me to go home and mess with colors in pixel, so I did. This is what became of it:

So I would love some constructive criticism and some opinions on the piece. Made it in about two hours, so not the largest work I've made.

Pixel Art / [WIP][Nudity] Angel+Wine
« on: February 23, 2011, 01:13:30 am »

This is something I started a while ago and decided to pick back up. I am afraid the proportions are a little messed up, and the arms keep bugging me. As you can tell the wings aren't really even started, and there is no background to it yet. I'd like to see what you guys think and what I can do to make this piece better.

Also, looking over it again, she might be a little wide or not tall enough.

Pixel Art / [WIP] C&C On face
« on: November 21, 2010, 07:56:50 pm »

New image... Started it this morning and I need some critique on it.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Evil Clown Doll
« on: November 06, 2010, 02:03:02 am »
Well, I've been working for about three hours on this latest pixel art. It's not finished; you can see the light green shapes I am using as guidelines for the doll's collar.

I wanted to post it so get some C&C and I simply am too tired to keep working one it. Remember, it's a creepy doll. It's not meant to look too much like a real person by any means.

Pixel Art / Portrait for a game
« on: September 04, 2010, 04:51:49 pm »

Some C&C would be nice
These are for a game of mine, and this won't be the only portrait to make. This is the advisor to the player (who is a general) and she will basically be a tutorial guide.


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