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Pixel Art / First Steps on Pixel Art
« on: June 29, 2010, 11:46:19 am »
Hello there,

I already recently introduced myself and now would like to show you my first steps in pixel art.

Those following guys were created 2007 for the online platform Supertopic and subject to conditions of a creative commons licence. My aim was to build them as simple as possible so you could easily get a clue what the express. Also they were wished to be somehow "different" to what is usually used as smiley/emoticons. The choice of color was inspired by the colours of (as soon as you are a logged-in member everything now shown blue there turns to bright orange). I also tried to make them look as if they interacted with eachother if posted in a row.


Some are static, some are animated as you can see. Id appreciate your opinion so what do you think?

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