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Pixel Art / Impetus 2068 [WIP]
« on: January 07, 2012, 07:31:42 pm »
Hey all, It's been a while since I've put mouse to pixel, but this is my forth coming effort.
It's a little concept art for a game, heavily inspired by Winged Doom's STEALER and RENEGADE stuff.
With out further ado, let me show you what I've got thus far.

Character walk cycles:


Concept art:

Characters and Weapons:

Any thoughts or suggestions about what I have so far are more than welcome!

Pixel Art / [WIP] [C&C] Turn-Based Strategy Mockup
« on: May 30, 2011, 03:31:58 pm »
Hey all,  
I recently had a the inspiration to produce a mockup of an Advance Wars style game.
The cornerstone of the project, however, is that I want to only utilize a four color palette, which consists of black white and two shades of gray.
I'm still working on a concept for the over-world map, that will be coming in the near future. is here and animated, just in need of refinement.
So, onward to  the pictures.

(still a work in progress)

*Faction Emblems*
See Below!


Current Overworld Map


*Latest Images*

Brand New Units rendered in three beautiful dimensions.
From Left to Right:  Halftrack:  Halftrack Artillery: Heavy Tank:  Heavy Tank Machine Gun variant: Walking Tank: Light Tank:  Light Tank Machine Gun variant: High-Altitude Bomber.
Also, slight palette variation following EyeCraft's suggestion.

Updated Emblems to reflect new Palette.

Black Hat Military Services  (A ruthless band of mercenaries)

Civilian Service Corps  (A fighting force made up of volunteers, defending their homeland)

Mobile Engineering Force  (A less ruthless band of mercenaries who specialize in vehicles and construction.)

Any comments or critiques are more than welcome. ;)

Pixel Art / Tron for the Gameboy [WIP]
« on: January 22, 2011, 03:33:07 am »
Hey all!
I recently was inspired by watching Tron Legacy to do a mockup of Tron, if it were a game boy game.
So far I have a the start screen.

(Update 1.1, added "press start", fixed the "t" in tron, small fixes to building border)

(Update 1.2, changed the central "X" on the main tower, thanks Ultimamodin)

(roughly based off of this

I hope to flesh out the mock up in the coming weeks, with more game play oriented screens perhaps even a light cycle or two.

Latest "Gameplay" mock ups.

Light cycle showdown.

(Version 1.1, inverted colors of grid and objects, made lightcycles more readable.)

Here is my latest update to the Tron project.
I view it as a kind of cut-scene, it would be placed just prefacing a level where the player would pilot a recognizer.
It is a deviation from the plot of Tron Legacy, but it's also a throw-back to the original Tron.
More importantly it is my first try at some animation! ;D

570 views!  I'm glad that you guys all find this project as interesting as I do. :)

Feedback is much appreciated and will be reciprocated.  ;D

The 7th Sin

Pixel Art / The Warriors NES Mockup
« on: October 03, 2010, 10:48:37 pm »
Howdy pixelers,
I have recently been working on a little project recently, making a mock up of the 1979 film "The Warriors" as if it were a game released on the NES.
I am trying to stay very close to the actual NES restrictions, however I have just been pixeling where my heart leads me, so I have been disregarding the color restrictions on vertical and horizontal lines, but I have tried to stay true to a NES style pallete.
The mockup is also based off of Double Dragon II, just a side note.

This is what the main game would look like.

This is an "between levels" story screen.

I would really appreciate some feedback on the sprites, but if there is anything you see please feel free and mention it. :)

The 7th Sin


Pixel Art / [C&C] Isometric STP logo
« on: June 26, 2010, 06:37:46 pm »
Hello again chaps, this week I have been workin' on a logo for a blog.
My first draft:

I am going for a kind of "tronistic" grid look.

My second draft:

I tried connecting the letters and add arrows to create a more sleek look, but I am worried the arrows came out a little droopy. :/

Most recent draft:

I really appreciate your help WM, I worked on the angle the arrows face, and I think I ironed out most of the kinks.
I played around a bit with some light oranges and yellows, but the results looked too strange to me, I'll give it some time and come back to that part. ;)

As always if you see anything I have failed to mention, please feel free and give feedback! :)

Thanks in advance,
The 7th Sin

Pixel Art / [WIP] Beach and Robo-kid
« on: May 14, 2010, 09:42:12 pm »
Hello everyone,

I'll just dive right in and get straight to the point. :)

My first piece is a little robot man, I have done some work on him, but am having trouble getting the highlights and shadows right.
I would appreciate any assistance or direction for this little guy.
(I'll just note I am trying to create a "backlit" effect)


My second piece is a beach scene.

I have worked on this quite a bit and gotten the main ideas of the piece relatively well hammered out, there are just a few points I would like some suggestions on.
1. The clouds, I have worked on them quite a bit, and just wondered what some real pixelers had to say about my technique.
2. The beach itself, I made some dunes to create interest, and not just a bland surface; and I wondered if you guys might have some suggestions or techniques to create more of a "sandy" look to the terrain.

Of course if there is something you see, but I have not mentioned, feel free and make comment of it! ;)

The 7th Sin

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