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Pixel Art / Fighter/Rpg Hybrid
« on: January 03, 2011, 01:10:18 am »

These are 3 party members/playable characters for a project Im working on, this is kind of the second draft of them, as the first draft looked good but was near impossible to animate. They are kinda loosely based on a cross between suikoden sprites and Neo Geo pocket fighting game sprites, and the game will be sort of a hybrid between a jrpg and fighting game. Crits and Edits are more then welcome, and these are by no means final.

Pixel Art / [WIP]not verry much like most rpg hero's....
« on: August 31, 2010, 09:07:28 am »

Alright, so some minor amount of explanation. This is the main character for an RPG I may or may not make once I finish my current (kind of mostly almost finished) project.
The legs are pretty unfinished, the rest... needs some work. The bits that are particularly troublesome are the tits, the neck, and the flower/tootoo thing.
The neck is supposed to be overly slender and long, but Im having some difficulty getting it to come out right. I either end up making her look like a geraf, or the effect gets slightly lost. Im also a tad bit annoyed with it, because I know the neck should kind of blend its way into the area of the head just under her ears, but if I do that its pretty much impossible to make it sender, so meh.
The tits are mostly just... busy. In my concept sketches, I had these vines kind of circling up under them, and covering/cupping them with some over sized leaves, but conveying that at this size without it just looking busy is giving me a headache.
The tootoo, just doesnt look like its coming out far enough, basically. I think I could maybe add a highlight? I feel kind of ridicules using another color on just that part, but it would be shared by the weapon... so that might be okay...

I was also trying for a kind of weird effect with the 'outlines' on this one, and Im not really sure how well I pulled it off. I kind of wish wash on weather I think the effect worked or not, so I think just an extra set of eyes on that would do me wonders. Basically, I was looking at a bunch of french early impressionist/late romantic stuff, and noticed this really neat effect, where they would kind of use something like sellout (this is more the late romantic side of things, mind you. Bouguereau's Birth of Venus is a prime example.) to make the figures glow, by using the highlight rather then the shadow. I tried to apply something kind of like it, but with the glow coming more from the light source, as apposed to back lighting, so that it could still blend in with varied environments.
Unfortunately, Im nowhere near that level of talented, so Im kind of unsure of the affect I got.

Pixel Art / enemy pallet help
« on: June 16, 2010, 12:41:37 am »

So, first off, this is for a game that plays as a fast paced platform/shooter with some light RPG elements, I have been working on it for a fair bit of time, and am adding in a new~ish enemy (I had an older version of the sprite, and there AI is already coded and such. They fly around and shoot at you, fairly straight forward)
This is the female version, and they are part of a gang called the warbirds. They are enemy's with another wolf themed gang called the bloodwolves (super creative, I know)
Anyhow, the game is currently using a 16 color pallet, and I would like to not add in too many new shades. Currently I have added one to the games pallet for these guys, but Im 1.Totally not happy with the new color and 2. Having some issues getting it to blend well with the ones that Im already using.
Here is the current pallet
Any suggestions would be friggin awesome.
*EDIT*color 16 is alpha, btw, thus a 15 real color pallet. Also, this is before adding the new color to it.*EDIT*

Pixel Art / [wip] the ruins of Paris
« on: May 22, 2010, 10:16:35 pm »
Ill probably get a screenshot of these in game at some point, once I reformat the sheets to actually work with the rest of the game engine, but in the meantime, here you go

So, these are some tiles Im working on for a game me and some other people are making. I haven't really tried my hand at making tiles prior to this, but Im pretty happy with how they came out. The game is set in Paris, after ww3, with the city having kind of sort of survived a nuclear blast.
The first set was inspired by some photo's of Hiroshima, where silhouettes were burnt into walls after the blast. I thought that was kinda neat, so I figured Id make some tiles like that. The second set is basically just for building houses and such. The architectural elements were inspired by buildings in Paris, obviously, and the pallet was inspired by a bunch of shots of Chernobyl and the peace building in Hiroshima.
These are all for the background, on the same parallax layer as the player, and will be non colliding. They are 16x16 tiles... lesseee... There will be a layer in front of this one that has all the platforms and such, and will include things like planter boxes for the windows that you can jump onto (contra style jumping, where you can come up from under it, and then land ontop, probably with some fake Z sorting so I can put bars and such infront of you once you have passed the top of them, but you are still infront of them well jumping through...)
So.. yeah. Any recommendations on these?

Pixel Art / WIP runcycle for RPG/social game
« on: March 28, 2010, 05:28:11 am »

So, first off, sorry about the terrible quality on the gif, Its more to show the thing in motion then anything, but its pretty ugly (and kind of ridicules, seeing as the thing is only 3 colors...)
Basically, Im happy with the overall form of the sprite, and it looks fine when its just standing around (the first 4 frames on the png) and Im mostly happy with the animation. It does conveys the overall feeling I was going for (basically, imagine a ninja frolicking through a field of daises, and you have about the mood.) Its obviously not done, I basically just made a three frame stick figure run cycle that was about right, then did some combination of copy pasting, madly blocking in whites, and sketching outlines. I need to fix all the jagys, and smooth out the lines and yadah yadah, but before I do that I want to make sure its right, and now, its close, but not. My biggest problem with it is the first and fourth frames basically. I feel like the 'knee' doesn't really extend far enough, but if I try to move it forward to much it looks even worse, and if I raise it it looses any sense that this sprite could do damage. The problem may be that I have placed the 'knee' in the wrong place, as the proportions on this sprite have very little in common with, well, anything. Unfortunately (for my animating, at least) I actually really like the broken proportions

Anyhow, any advice would be awesome, this is somewhere around the 5th version of the template for this game (the 4th, I actually finished for both genders and all three races before realizing it was nearly impossible dress, this one is basically made to be super easy to work with, as the player is going to making the actual character.)

Btw, I know the chest and arm are wrong, Im going to make the arm tilt downwards slightly on the last and 3rd frame, and the chest kinda jumps everywhere, Im mostly just worried about the legs right now, as they are closest to being right.

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