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Hi, I am an experienced Software Engineer, but beginning game developer who is in need of some original artwork. I have some concept art I would like to be converted into sprites akin to 16-bit JRPG characters in the SNES/Genesis era.

The game engine is still being worked on, but there is a concept and story tied to it. My personal hurdle has just been figuring out how to acquire original art work. This is where the pixel art comes in!

To start out with, I have 2 concept characters in which I would like to be converted into sprite sets. This is paid work and if you are interested, please PM me, and I will give the details. Additionally, a portfolio for reference would be great.

Also please let me know your rate -- this is negotiable.

The game will be on the PC (written in Java), so there is a lot of flexibility in terms of graphical fidelity.

Ideally, the sprites should be 48x72 pixels (width, height) with the sheets being at minimal, 192x288 total. (this translates to 4 positions with 4 frames per movement)

Should the art be satisfactory, I will have many other pixel art assets that will need to be created and the artist will be considered.

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