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Pixel Art / pixel landscape
« on: October 22, 2013, 11:48:44 am »
haven't pixel'd in ages, figured I'd spend a few hours of my afternoon getting back into the groove rather satisfied so far, figured I'd post it here :)
anyone have any suggestions/feedback or crits on the composition or the clusters themselves? 26 colours bit too much? :( hopefully get back into low restriction pixels more so

Pixel Art / 32colour palette [V0.9.5]
« on: August 02, 2012, 05:32:15 am »

I have been making alot of palettes lately, might share more, been making 16 colour palettes mostly, but I noticed a distinct lack of 32 colour palettes around so here you are.

no referencing of other palettes or anything, mostly arbitrarily chosen colours ramped and then tweaked, built ontop of a 16 colour palette if I recall, worked on it on and off for a week so far I think, the ramps are placeholders so ignore, or feel free to come up with your own ramps, and ignore the 2 checker colours in the background they are NOT a part of the palette, and yeah this is the palette I've been testing on the forums.

feel free to experiment test and post results here if you like, feel free to use it for anything, giving credit and pm'ing or sharing what you do will also would be appreciated if you decide to use.

*well I'll try getting some multiple palette files here:
.gpl (Gimp, Blender, etc.) : W V C
.pal Graphics Gale: W V C

General Discussion / pixel art restriction, Sub pixel/offset pixel
« on: July 10, 2012, 07:53:14 pm »
figured I'd post this here for anyone interested, not sure if anything like this has been done before, essentially it's a pixel image with a layer that is strictly the same pixel ratio but offset by half a pixel, which is why it is kinda sub pixel, it must be pixel'd at 2x because obviously the sub pixels are not placeable otherwise, conceivably this could also be done with wide pixels and tall pixels, I'll try making some templates for them too when I have time, the best workflow is to pixel something at 1x then double, and to pixel between every pixel, or skip them if the sub pixels location is undesirable, and of course optionally using the template as a guide.

here is an example to illustrate the potential effect, and breaking it down in isolation on the right side

and here is a 128x template of the pattern

feel free to dump any relating experiments/results using this restriction in this topic.

and is there a pixel art restriction thread? non system related specs ie. art restrictions? if there isn't I might consider starting and compiling such a thread

idea for an activity for anyone wanting to show off their skills or get in some practice, and or hopefully having some fun, for the love of crates, heh well it will not exclusively be crates it'll be any type of cube any materiel as long as it is a perfect cube, you could render an ice cube a stone block a crate, cardboard, antique, grungy, steam powered, fantasy, sci fi, modern~ anything you want, it should be good practice for any skill level, here is a quick and simple example I whipped up

my approach was to create the 32x32 one first then both scale it down to 16x16 and upscale to 64x64, so it is practice for refining something higher res with more detail and at the same time making something readable at a lower res

then after they are done, use them as a basis for creating a split height 2 tall texture and making a top variation and sides and you'll notice some of the effects you can achieve the upper half of the double height textures is the upper square is the TOP face and the lower is the sides

I've provided a ZIP, it contains the texture examples, blank templates and an OBJ for anyone who wants to check out and show off the 3D cubes themselves, all cube variants and already UV unwrapped, also a cool thing is that I've scaled the cubes relative to each other in the sense that the pixel size/ratio is exactly the same, so the cubes can looks consistent in comparison to each other, if anyone can't do the 3D part, just pixel the textures and just submit them on their own and I'll be glad to do it when I have time, the way I set it up is incredibly easy to swap texture files, the textures are automatically loaded from the ones in the same folder as the OBJ for anyone who wanted to try loading their textures but wasn't sure, and I'd be glad to collate any finished pieces into this post.

as many sets as you want, but each set should be like this one relatively tied together, thinking of imposing a colour limit, maybe I should have colour limits per scale, 8 colour max for 16x16 16 colour max for 32x32 and 32 colours for 64x64, or actually I think I'd prefer 4 colour 16x 8 colours 32x and 16 colours 64x, or even 8,12,16


the ZIP with the templates and relevant files can be grab here

I'll organize and put more effort into this if there is any enthusiasm, come on guys I challenge you all to try it ;D

Pixel Art / [WiP] Topdown gameart & style mockup
« on: June 14, 2012, 07:41:12 am »
did this quite a few days ago, been intending to upload

no reference, just messing around and it fell together (started out as just a shrub), wouldn't mind doing a top down shooter with RPG elements if i had a programmer to help (actually I already started a game a fair while ago that I got upto a primitive playable prototyped with functioning HUD and rigged up stats and a working skill system, I'll try dig up the images if i can) so I'm not incapable of programming I just don't have the time to do art and programming and it's not my strength.

I think subconciously it draws a bit from The Chaos Engine.

helpful feedback would include any suggestions critisisms or general feedback on the perspective and style :)

Pixel Art / [WIP] Super Villain for PJ challenge
« on: June 13, 2012, 06:17:26 pm »

any feedback or suggestions? on any factors palette shading outlines readability,

wonder how many of you will recognise him :crazy: and those of you who do, did I portray him well?

and it'd even be helpful if I get told it looks fit for submission because I'm hesitant at the moment

Ed:oh and ref
Ed II: oh yeah didn't finish the ammo belt :yell:


probably bad practice but did some outer AA on the legs, should i get rid?

Pixel Art / Encounter with gelatinous-galactic space blob [wip]
« on: June 04, 2012, 05:42:25 am »

;D just messing around while listening to some ambient electronica (Divine Matrix, which i stumbled upon a day or so ago).
I started with just some noise layer effects and random shape gradient.
here's the unreduced version if anyone's interested.\

I reckon it looks better at 2/3x, any C&C? not sure if he looks quite right so far. might redo his costume, no real reference. although i was heading for a colonial steam-punkish look for the attire.
I'll probably repixel/add some pixel level detail to the BG once I'm happy with the comp, and might even resize and add a few meteors or a derelict space vessel or something. feel free to throw some suggestions my way, it's rather surreal so almost anything goes.

let me know if it's appealing at all, might need some motivation to pursue it any further.

General Discussion / perspective observations
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:53:39 pm »
just thought I'd share, I partly did it for other's benefit, and to re-cement my own knowledge.this post is relative to top down gameart, 2D, 3D, pixel art or not.
one thing you might notice in 2D games it's not uncommon for them to mix orthographic with perspective ie orthographic environments and perspective on the character sprites.

and to clarify for those who are not aware of what i mean by orthographic and perspective, orthographic is a form of displaying 3D that has no relative compensation for distance to the viewer.
only scaling via zoom, whereas perspective has foreshortening and obeys the perception of distance more closely. left  persp, right ortho.

hopefully the image will be self explanatory, just did some examples of one particular perspective and relativity to the grid, the same applies to the others just different ratios.
I've experimented with 2x1 ratio tiles it has drawbacks and pros, mostly in the speed of map making and just being an interesting and different approach to tiles.

unscaled and uncompressed version of the study-doodling Here also the red dude was whipped up in about 20 minutes so forgive his roughness :P

I encourage people to discuss :yay: or share their own observations, or links to existing posts even, or just screengrabs of games and showing their usage of perspective, could even go into isometric too if anyones inclined, also hope its useful to those who are struggling with or are vague on the subject, Its always useful to have reference :D

Pixel Art / shadowrun SNES homage/remake mockup
« on: May 23, 2012, 11:17:58 pm »
something i did quite some time ago, that i thought I'd share

Pixel Art / random pixel doodles
« on: May 20, 2012, 04:50:57 pm »
generated a few random 5 colour palettes, picked 2 of them for a 10 colour palette and just doodled freehand.
and i got internet now, like actual plugged in internet, for the first time ever. so figured I'd share, and try participate more.

I challenge/encourage anyone who has the time to try using the same palette  :lala:

hopefully i get some community comments/involvement so i can motivate myself to get back into pixeling more, and keep it fun. pixeling in isolation gets kinda boring and isn't very thrilling :watev:

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