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Portfolios / [The Dark Lab] Pixel Artist
« on: June 25, 2018, 07:44:47 am »
Hello there,

If you are still seeking for suitable artist,
then allow me to introduce a little :

I accept commission via Fiverr:

here is my full portfolio :

and one of my released pixel art game :

My Discord @thetrung#3567

Have a good day !

"Vagante" ArtStyle Cover

"Tough Flight" concept iOS MiniGame (Released on AppStore)

"Juggernaut/Dota2" FanArt in Chibi Style

"Zombie Age 3" FanArt in Chibi Style

"Akai Mini 2"

"The Dark Lab" Concept for  Pc/Mac Game Demo (Released on GameJolt)

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