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Job offers / [CLOSED] Indie Team Looking for Environment/Tileset Artist
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:32:55 am »
Hello, I am looking for a pixel artist who can produce professional environment art to match existing character art for a fast-paced fighting kickball game.

Parallax/animatable background art in addition to tileset art is required. Art direction for existing level blockouts has yet to be determined so some work may be necessary for conceptualization.

A single tile in the tileset is 32x32 and the entire screen is 960x544. Humans tend to lean towards a size of 50x50 for reference.

Happy to negotiate payment and payment delivery to your specifications.

If you are interested or have more questions:
Feel free to email me:
Or message me on PixelJoint.


Hello! We're a two man team working on a game with intent to submit to IGF. We'd like to work with another student for the moment to remain elegible for the IGF student category.

We're looking for help completing some of the art in the game, this includes work on translating character designs into pixel art, animating those characters, and some light tile sprite work. Most work will be done between the dimensions of 48x48 and 64x64. We also have an existing color palette you will have to work within.

The work has a time frame of one month for completion, and can be discussed further directly. We are willing to pay well due to the shorter time frame!

Please provide examples of your work and be able to produce work at this quality or better:

Feel free to reply to this thread or message me directly. Thanks!

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