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Looking for one or two experienced 2D animators. These will be contract positions and unfortunately well below "big game company" pay rates. But it's more lucrative, and much more fun, than your average fast food or warehouse store job. You will get to work with our outstanding art director, Terry Robinson, and our other talented character artists. Here is Terry's job description:

The main thing we need is a 2D animator who can animate existing concept sketches. 3D experience is good but the look we are going for is traditional 2D similar to Disney's more realistic style. The ability to draw great monster and human concept sketches is a big plus, although we have most of our concepts done. What we really need is someone who can refine those and animate them in 2D primarily walking animation in our unique low-camera isometric view and combat animation.
We need samples of their work that can be shown through animated gifs or a demo reel.
If you are interested and well-qualified, please send an email with your resume (CV) and a link to your animation samples to "jobs (at) hero-u (dot) net". Lori and I will scan them and forward the best candidates to Terry for evaluation.

General Discussion / New Triannual Game Design Competition Has Begun
« on: January 08, 2007, 01:34:03 pm »
Over at I am having a game design competition 3 times a year. This gives the designer 4 months to complete his/her entry. I feel this much time is necessary to make a good entry. If anyone here is interested in making a game and entering the competition, you are welcome to do so.

The rules are as follows:

Theme: True Love

Playing window size: [Full Screen or an option to do Full Screen] 640 x 480 (unlimited colors)

File size restriction: Less than 10MB

Levels or Rooms required: Must have at least 4

Teams: No teams! (Must be done by yourself... to keep things fair.)

Ripped Backgrounds: No
Ripped Sprites: No
Ripped Animation: No
Ripped Music: Yes (If you want to.)

Awarded to the Winner:
- Choice of how the next competition is setup on MAY 1st
- Added to the main page as a headline success story.
- And a surprise....  ;)

So get started everyone, you only have 4 months!!!

General Discussion / Hey everyone! I'm new... but not really.
« on: May 03, 2006, 02:05:31 am »
Hey everyone! Glad to see some familiar handles. I use to frequent the old Pixelation forum way back. I kind of lost touch after "Dice" started a similar spinoff. So in the meantime I put my brain to some use and figured out how to setup my own server and host my own site: 2D Gamers: The Serious Side of 2D Game Design. I've even setup my own phpBB forum, (which isn't as nice as this one, but it works for me.)

If you decide to visit, let me know what you think. Thanks!

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