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Hello! I'm Chris. I've been pixelling since 2003. I'm looking for paid work experience on commercial projects, and commissions. Let me know if you're interested! Cheers  :)

Titles I've worked on

-Plague Breaker, Wozzy Games
-Buzz Kill Zero, Kapa Ent
-Tasty Tower, Alakajam! entry with RocketRager
-Nogalious (Commodore 64 Port), LUEGO LU3GO STUDIOS
-Tanzer, Mikael Tillander
-Flappy Froggy, Andrei Cioara


Buzz Kill Zero

See the 500x500px backgrounds on ArtStation

Plague Breaker

How 8chan Became The Worst Place on The Internet | VICE News Tonight Special Report

Photos and animation images courtesy of HBO and “Vice News Tonight.”

Game mockups

Metroid Evolutions

Pokemon Sprite Collab

Misc. Sprites


DEVA - Game Mockups

Tanzer - Assets for Megadrive Game

The Fighters' Resource

Metroid Redux

More mockups here

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#079 - RPG Tiles - Chip 16
« on: November 14, 2011, 01:01:14 am »

I'm working on an RPG tileset so I can make a few mockups to showcase my palette.
I'm having some difficulties rendering the rock's volume, so I've come here to ask for your help!

Here's the WIP so far:

Here's the palette used:

My main influences are Shawn's 8-bit RPG tiles, Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy 6.

If there is anything else that attracts your attention just say so!  :)

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#122 - La Scaphandrier - Gameart
« on: June 02, 2011, 07:57:32 pm »
Most recent work:

Click here for most recent update


It's been a while since I've posted a thread on Pixelation, but I thought the time has come.

I'm working on a game, which is called "Le Scaphandrier". It's being made for the CHIP16, a virtual machine which runs on 16 colours.*

You play as a diver who explores the abysses whilst trying to stay alive.
The diver is bound to his base by an oxygen feed; this means he can only move a certain distance away from the base.
He can, however, release himself from the feed and rely on his auxiliary oxygen device- which has a very limited capacity.
The diver also relies on a radio signal for the display of his map, the display of the radar relies on the electric current from the air feed. Fortunately, he keeps a logbook in which you can take written notes or make annotations on the map, something you can refer to and fill up as you play the game.
In order to progress, you have to find various objects to build secondary bases to plug your air feed into, and plant radio antennae to guarantee a strong signal. The catch is... you only have a limited number of each part necessary to build a base, or of antennae, which means you'll have to make compromises when it comes to progressing in one direction or another.

That is the concept of the game; to that you can then add side-tasks, like keeping track of the local flora and fauna, mapping and describing different areas, collecting miscellaneous objects, etc.

I wanted to post here so I could get some advice, primarily for the tiles, but I would be delighted to have any other kind of input, as this is a game that is still on its first legs.

Here's the most recent version of my mock-up.

On the top (left to right):
-Auxiliary oxygen tank

At the bottom, a list of items (left to right):
-Radar Antenna
-A piece of text
You can only carry a specific amount of items, with a specific total weight.

This is the tileset I'm using in the mock-up:

If this tileset looks familiar, it's because I used Ocean Sphere's bush tileset as a (heavy) reference. I'd like to emphasize on the fact that I did not edit Ocean Sphere's tiles.

*And this is the palette I'm using:

It's a cross between Arne's palette and the C64's palette.

About the tiles... I wanted the game to happen in pretty deep water, and I've been looking for deepwater pictures of the seabed, but that proved fruitless. I'd like to go for something between caverns and coral reefs, but I'm having difficulties with that kind of rendering. :(
Like Ocean Sphere, I'd like something more or less monochromatic to tell one area apart from the other, and perhaps recycle some tiles that way.

Here are some pictures for you to get the feel I'm wanting to this game:
(posting these also for my sake)

This is my most recent stab at the tileset:

I hope this project interests you, and I'm looking forward to seeing your feedback! :)

Pixel Art / My new avatar
« on: November 01, 2009, 08:47:16 pm »
Here's a WIP of my avatar to be, it's a self-portrait. I've slowed down on progress (just messing with a few pixels for the past few days, started this wednesday and have only begun hair today), as I'd like to have your opinion, support and comments on my work for now. I'm aware of banding and of pixel clumps, and I've tried to get rid of them (with difficulty). As you can see I've desaturated my palette so the colours blend better. The reference is here.

Thank you for your time!

Pixel Art / R. Lichtenstein/comic-book style piece
« on: February 25, 2009, 03:26:19 pm »
Hello people!
I'm doing pixelart revolving around a comic-book style of shading: I am trying to create colours by patterns of red, blue and green. It is hard and time-consuming, but nevertheless extremely interesting work, constantly discovering new patterns and therefore new colours and shades to draw with.
Anyway, I'm posting here for advice and comments on my work for now:

I've got problems with some patterns which don't blend in as well as others, and I really don't know how to solve it.
I'm also not quite sure whether I should keep the original lines of my previous work and create a series of different styles, or if this should be a new and original piece.

Original sketch:
doodle I did

Reminder: it's more interesting looking at my WIP a little less than a metre away. ;p

Pixel Art / I'm going to clobber you with my 'nade till it blows :D
« on: December 29, 2008, 02:32:51 pm »
I've recently bought/played/finished Half Life 2 and HL: Episode One, and I just love Zombines :lol:.
I've tried to make one from scratch but to use refs for details:

I've got problems with the colour palette, had to adjust the contrast several times. I don't know which style to go for, maybe I should make the coulours greyer, lighten them... Plus I did four different shading techniques on the head crab :/. Should I get rid of the grainy dithering completely and go for something else? Anyway please give c+c ^^


(this was not used for the pose, just a coincidence :o)

Pixel Art / RAMPAGE!! >:@
« on: November 16, 2008, 02:38:36 pm »
I'm making a Rampage engine in SDL (I'm not programming, I'm only spriting), which will be a cross between Rampage and Rampage World Tour.
Here is a sheet with all my work for now:

I'm trying to keep a cartoony feel to the game, and I've added a character of my own design... the hamster. I don't know if Ralph should be grey or blue (I'd go for blue). I'm not sure if I should make animations fluid or keep the blockiness of the original (2-3 frames). I've made most items, and projectiles, but I've still got to do people, soldiers, and more vehicles. Talking of which my car looks strange, but I think that's due to perspective. I tried to set a light source hitting the characters from the right, but I don't know how consistent my lightsource is. Thank you for C+C! Ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!

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