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General Discussion / PhyerNet Online!
« on: December 28, 2008, 01:15:35 am »

It gives me pleasure to FINALLY make this long awaited announcement!

For the longest time. I've been trying to resurrect my own hosting service that was for a long time in a sort of "half done/half dead" state. After months of careful planning & testing. I give you, "PhyerNet"!

This is a web hosting service geared towards what we call "Creative Minds"! Other than just being a place to stick your wares. PhyerNet is also an online community. Where you can meet n' greet other artistic souls. So, if you get the chance. Swing on through and check it out!

If anyone is interested. Feel free to ask me anything. Feel skeptical? Once again, feel free to go ahead and ask me anything.;)

A couple of things to note:
1- The service is always in a "developmental" state regarding certain areas. But not enough to hinder it from being used.
2- This is NOT an open challenge to any other art community. All, we're bringing to the table is an "alternative" to whats already out there. No different than either wanting turkey OR ham.


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