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General Discussion / Pixel Art Night Class?
« on: November 14, 2013, 07:22:03 pm »
Yo! Last night I went to art/entrepreneurial lecture from the dudes who made artaic, who make custom mosaics for you with machines, they're cool, check them out ( [Remember that dude who installed that octopus pixel piece in his shower?] They are partnering up with a local nonprofit that teaches/pays highschool kids for art.

Anyway I was networking there, and one of the main people in charge of the nonprofit was telling me how they want to start doing night classes for adults, suggesting that I could be a teacher at one of them. My initial thought was to do a pixel art class because I feel it's an under celebrated and niche artform. They are on board and want me to make a proposal outlining the deets, highlighting that the way to get people in the door is to market it as a fun thing to do and meet dates.

Here's where I'd like some input from the community. How/can pixel art be taught in such a casual environment? When I first entered the scene, I felt a bit of a wall due to perceived pretentiousness and elitism. This of course was dispelled the more I learned about technique and pixel decorum.

Can it be framed in a fun way for beginners, how would you go about teaching pixel art in class? Have you ever been formally taught pixel art by someone or through institution? Does the artform have a place in the classroom? Any ideas/suggestions welcomed! If this is a terrible idea, let me know.

2D & 3D / [Digital Painting] - Desert Slum City
« on: February 07, 2013, 04:41:50 am »
In need of some practice for environment concepts/painting in general, I sketched out the location from a screenplay I wrote back in '09.

The concept is supposed to be a mixture between old jazz-centric Chicago and desert slums. Here is a refboard of the look/inspiration going into the art direction:

Here is the painting itself so far:

Trying to establish a solid workflow. I sketched with perspective guides, added some basic block greyscale colors to establish values, and then traced my sketch for a separate line art layer. I want to make sure the perspective's on point before I progress further. Any CC welcome.

I realize how hard architecture is to draw accurately but why not throw myself into it full force to help learn?

2D & 3D / [Digital Painting] - Game Poster/Cover art
« on: August 01, 2012, 08:25:12 pm »
I am working on this painting to serve as digital cover art for one of my games.

I wanted the style to be reminiscent of the Old Masters/Renaissance, and based it on this oil study of St. John the Baptist by Barocci:

Main things I want to focus on is anatomy + composition.

The chest/torso is hard to copy directly because of the cloth obstructing the shoulders in the painting, and because of the odd perspective choice. The face I think conveys the calm decisiveness that I want it to, similar to samurai culture. But, I don't know how I should position the sword in a way that dramatizes the otherwise static composition, and I'm also having trouble deciding what I should render for the BG. I'm thinking about cliffs drifting away as the world is getting torn apart.

For some context, here is the game in question:
Though I suggest NOT downloading it because I want to release a newer build of it, but need to finish advertisement stuff like the above painting. But you should get an idea for what it is about, and maybe how to incorporate different elements of the game into the poster.

Also, this is the original poster I painted for it in 2009:

Which uses the collage style that you see a lot in classic movie posters, but is not indicative of my current skills.

Feel free to rip this to shreds, crit the fonts, help me push this to the next level.
ps. It's cool to post paintings here, right? I know it's not technically low-poly, but the official OT creative thread seems more hit and run style.

2D & 3D / [Digital Painting] - Graveyard
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:21:40 am »
This is a painting I'm doing for one of my classes, as part of a themed show on "change".

The character is visiting his wife's grave. Relatively small painting that will be shown with some pixel pieces and sketches to convey the idea of "evolution". Wanted to keep the 4:3 ratio and the iconography simple. The graves are ambiguous, because it's the future, and the information for each grave is stored via QR code, that you would scan to project a hologram of the deceased, like a small biography about them.

Thinking about pushing the atmospheric perspective, and maybe using the left-hand building to help frame the image.
It's rough, but I guess I'm looking for general feedback, highlighting composition/atmosphere/color, anatomy and perspective.

2 major refs:
Batman, the animated series:
Heavy Rain:

Btw is it punishable by death that I'm using default photo shop brushes for this? I know you can make your own, but any suggestions on where to start building up a collection?

Pixel Art / Water Tile (Animation Frustration)
« on: September 15, 2011, 01:52:37 am »
Water is so essential to any RPG/tiled game. I can make water tiles, but animating them is another issue.
This is what I have, basically running 2 layers, 1 going to the left, and the other going to the right. I'm open to do a 3rd layer/add more frames for fluidity.

What I need here is crits/guidance/tips for water in general. It is a tricky texture to capture.

The style of the water is heavily influenced/inspired from Jalonso's Medici tiles:
Any help appreciated.

Pixel Art / [WIP]: Crackhouse RPG Tiles
« on: June 14, 2011, 06:19:15 am »
Working on a new environment for my cyberpunk RPG. This is basically any derelict building where thugs are holed up to sell and distribute drugs.

1. Orig wall and floor textures.
2. I realized the contrast was off and did a test with the walls/floor. This variation turned the brightness of the wall down by 50 with photoshop.
3.This one turns the brightness of the floor down by 100 from the original. I decided to go with this one even though it produced some redundant colors in my pallet.

One problem that has always hindered my game art is messing up the priority and/or the readability of the tiles or hero/sprites. I've discussed these issues and studied many games profusely but it doesn't always cement into my pixels so easily, it is easy however to get lost in muddy pixels, which I am trying to avoid. I included a pose of the main chara's sprite for comparison against the tiles.

Here are some refs I used/am using:

I need some aggressive crits, tear this apart before I continue so it doesn't end up in a cycle of reduxing.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Cyberpunk Menu: Muscular System
« on: October 05, 2009, 07:02:55 pm »
This is a menu I'm working on for a cyberpunk game. The idea is this, you can install various gear into your brain (wetware.) This menu shows you which ones you have equipped, and where: head, arm, etc.

I wanted to try to use a cool palette, as well as practice anatomy and volume. I would like feedback on these things as well as menu design which is still very wip.


Most recent:

Pixel Art / PI battle sprites
« on: September 12, 2009, 03:20:05 am »
This is tricky. I'm making a battle sprite for the character posed at the far right, under 5, which is as the character appears in game.

I am trying to decide if the pose that shows him pointing the gun should be the idle stance or if it should be initially lowered and raised when the user attacks.
Looking for advice/tips on stance/color/animation. Obviously I don't have it in gif form showing the animation but I will post the frames as they are worked out.

For 4 I tried to edit the colors a bit and changed the perspective of his coat.
Here is probably the closest ref I can find for the stance:

The animation will be around 3-5 frames per animation. So this is just a start, the idle stance will be him bouncing his feet a bit. I guess my biggest fear is anatomy. I want to make sure the intial sprite is top notch before I edit it into more frames.

Here are the completed shooting frames:

Pixel Art / Indifferent Clown Wip
« on: February 05, 2009, 05:11:29 am »
This is for the c64 pallet clown challenge at pixel joint.:
Chicken the clown:

Was kinda not sure how to approach it for I've never used the c64 pallet before and I never drew a clown before.

Wanted to kind of avoid the cliche of a crazy clown type character, so I tried to make him somewhat true to clowns, but also kind of eerie in a black face sort of way and make him look pathetic. Use Joker's thugs as refrence for clown design. Tried to practice face planes/volumes.

What I need help with is the application of the colors, and some suggestions for what he should be doing with his body. The face is mostly done but the rest is a sketch. I was thinking of having him put a gun to his head or something, or maybe just getting shot, which is what I tried to incorporate.

So yeah give some suggestions/critiques.

Pixel Art / Lennus Portriat/poster (Alien Creature.)
« on: January 14, 2009, 07:12:39 am »
Just wanted to get some opinions/critiques on this one. Just doing it for fun, kind of practicing volumes/frank miller's style of dark high contrast grizzly faces. Also may need help with foreshortening his armcannon.

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