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Portfolios / [Portfolio] Daniel Garrido (ui)
« on: May 02, 2012, 04:09:17 am »
Do you have any juicy project?, don't be shy and tell me about it. I can do pixel art, characters design, music or sound effects for video games, masks or customes with recycled materials. If you want an interview, play my music, a show or exhibit my pixel art, let me know. I will make it looks pixelated.

My website:

Character Design


General Discussion / My first time "teaching" pixelart
« on: August 22, 2011, 12:58:12 am »
Hi, some of you maybe know me already some of you don't.

My name is Daniel, i'm from Venezuela. I have been involed with pixelart since 2001 or so. This is my website:
I'm writing this post, because i need some help here.

Wonderfully i have the oportunity to "teach" pixelart to other ppl in a public library in my country in about 3 weeks. I don't considere myself as good to teach, but it's an opportunity that not much people have so i can't refuse this amazing oportinity to try to get more people invole in pixelart here in my country and also learn about more about pixelart at the same time. By the way, i already have a short list of the things i plan to teach and show. But i will appreciate if i can have some help here. This text, tutos, etc will also help in future for other SPANISH-SPEAKING peoples. (of course this is not definitive, but PLEASE, feel free to critict and add constructive comments about)


This text is translated by google. I really don't have the time to translate to english now. So probably there are some error in the translations, but the basic idea is there.
Any kind of help is welcome! :D

Really thx for reading.

Hi, im doing a little project of a music disk, and i want to release it with a mix of different styles and types of art. So im actually running this topic here...

if you guys are interesting on help me, i will be glad to have you guys in :D....

Pixel Art / winter deer against wolfs... (wip)
« on: January 23, 2009, 05:21:59 am »
Hi, well im posting here because i need some help, im doing a cover art for a winter chiptunes collection, that will be start soon, on a chiptunes website. Anyway, here is the idea at first...
Here is the WIP (update 01-23-09)

The idea is have a "Robo-deer" controlled by a guy with a joystick. "He" have to be careful about the wolf out there. It will have a little tittle who said.... WINTER CHIP IV, or something like that

Well, so i need ideas and critics of HOW to solution some of the problems i have...
First thing... im really bad with the colors, i always use bright colors, and sometimes they all together sux...
Second thing. I wanna keep the LOW numbers of colors and not have like 64 colors of something...
Other thing are the shadows and texture, dont know if they are really good or not.

Things i already have in mind...
AA in everywhere (there are a lot of part without AA)
Shadows need a lot of work, because i dont have much in the composition
The hands and the joystick and obviously the wolf are REALLY CRUDE...
Of course the background need work! :D....

i guess there are other things but im sure you guys will know that they are not finished.

Thx for reading...

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