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2D & 3D / More low poly this time (scroll past old posts)
« on: March 07, 2012, 02:00:15 am »
I picked up a DVD through Blender covering Low Poly Game Character Creation by CG It will cover the creation of a model, sculpting it all at high poly, then baking those sculpted details onto a low poly mesh.

This was the character that the tutorial series teaches you to make, animate, and bring into Unity 3D:

I learn better by applying lessons to my own creations though (and I think their model is goofy as all get-out looking) so I will be going through all the processes with my own little guy.

I'll post up the progress shots when there's milestones when I have time to work on it outside of normal job stuff.

Here were the concept sketches I threw together before starting up the lessons. Just something goofy and not-too complex.

First pass at modeling it over the reference sketches:

Quickly didn't like his proportions, so I altered them before starting the sculpting. Here is what my sculpt is looking like so far:

Probably going to do something about the size of the hands before finishing up and making the low poly mesh. Will also have a few more things to add before finishing the sculpting phase, such as getting some hair, details like pockets, teeth, eyelids, adding the suspenders/gun holster, etc.

Thanks for checking and let me know if you have any critiques or suggestions to improve how I'm working on this. Been wanting to learn 3D for too long so I'm just diving in. Blender, being free, is where I am beginning. Not sure what software I will move to once I'm better at it. It will probably end up being what I see most widely preferred with companies/studios that I want to court for contract work.

Pixel Art / Castle Platformer Tileset [C+C WIP] (hugely updated)
« on: June 28, 2011, 11:50:08 am »
This is one of only a few things I've ever done involving tiles so far as a pixel artist. Any feedback on it would be appreciated, as I'm just trying to get this right as I go based on memory of threads I've read here and what silly amounts of common sense I came built with.

I'm making tiles and characters for a platforming game much akin to the Canabalt or Robot Unicorn style of play, just with extra elements thrown into the mix. Characters and other assets I'm good with (ignore the character in there, he'll be changing to something more fun looking, just kept it in there for size comparison). The thing I'm not so well-practiced with is tilesets. I've very roughly sketched out what one environment I would like to base a level on below:

And after a few hours of fiddling around, here is what I've ended up with so far, without any backdrop, foreground, paralax fun stuff, etc. thrown in.

Aaaaand it's 55 tiles so far. A good chunk of which are just mirrored versions of existing tiles. The 'windows' will be getting an overhaul, and those slat thingies in the middle of the stone platform with the two windows on either side of them were just to see what else could be done with those temporary window borders to make more use out of what was already created.

Not asking for anyone to redo a whole tileset to better handle the sketch I made or anything like that.  But just any crits on how I'm going about my tilemaking that could be executed more successfully would be very helpful to me. Always learning. Thanks!

Portfolios / [Portfolio] Carl Douglas - spriting and animation
« on: February 20, 2011, 01:08:45 pm »
Massive overhaul of my portfolio home site, so much so that the world wide web will never be the same again.

Click this link to see an updated

Greetings! My name is Carl Douglas, known by most under the handle of Argyle (Here is a link to my PixelJoint profile).

My strong point is animation - be it characters or objects or otherwise - and I am available for contracts, outsourced art, project support, and generally all sorts of miscellany. As of currently, I am looking for paying project offers only.

I prefer to initially be contacted via e-mail at carldouglas[at]argylebox[dot]com (impossibly encrypted, must use advanced tools to figure out where to place the "@" and "."), or via PM on the boards here.

An ugly, plain text resume of my past client work can be found HERE.

Although this is a mostly pixel art-focused portfolio, I am also well-versed with vector and digital paint artwork. Samples can be given upon request. My preferred toolsets are Cosmigo ProMotion and Adobe's Creative Suite of applications.


I also work well off of your pre-existing artwork!
The following animations were created for static non-animated sprites that artists other
than myself created and designed. I just made all the motion and effects that go with them.


I'm surprised I've not seen anyone on here praising this game.  You make every sprite, background, element of music, and do all the coding to make microgames and comics.  The interface takes right from the pages of Mario Paint, even keeping icons and layout consistent, and has animation/onion skinning capabilities.

I don't have a camera on me or I'd take some pictures of the interface that I figure would do it more justice than the ones I could find.  The color palette is limited, but that's half the fun.

(this is during one of the built-in tutorials)

I'm no professional pixel artist or game developer, but this title has surely gotten me excited and confident in my abilities for advancing beyond their comprehensive engine (even if it is nothing more than a toy with open source components that lets you take it apart and build new toys from :P) and having a better grasp on the logic of coding.

Demo video of Matt Bozon of Wayforward (Shantae's Revenge, etc) making a Shantae microgame (4 mins 34 secs):

I've already made like 3 games that would make Gallagher proud with exploding watermelon sprites.

Pixel Art / [C+C] Amazon Warrior Baby (you heard me!)
« on: February 27, 2010, 08:04:52 am »
Helllo buddies.  You're always such good help so I thought I'd ask for your input on my latest pet project.

I'd like to add more animations to this sprite, such as an attack, walk cycle, and a few other basics.  Primarily it's for fun and learning, but I'd love to get it right, yaknow!

Here's the current state of it with a little idle animation.

I'm really happy with the results so far, but some more experienced eyes on this before going too much further with it would be a great help.  Wanted to be sure I wasn't overlooking some glaring problems after staring at it for as long as I have.

And to answer any 'wtf is this' questions, it's supposed to be my 1-year old Daughter with her dragon-shaped blanket tied around her like a cloak.  I still need to add a pretty important part to the piece, a few pacifiers tied around her neck and diaper region to complete the look.  We call her "High Priestess Wannanoonie" on account of the fact that 'noonie' is the nickname for her pacifier.  The end!

Hello again, comrades!  I want to progress with this piece further, but want to refine what I'm doing currently before moving further into doing a background so as to avoid a bunch of re-working.  Here it is thus far:

Color count to this point is 15.  My personal goal is to keep it at 16 or below, as palettes are something I am still very inept at planning efficiently, so lat leaves me with one hue to work with and an entire background to develop (my other weakness - backgrounds have always been the part that kills the final product of my images when I decide to add them.)

Do I have enough of a palette diversity to support a good scene composition in space with my bright and dark hues? Are my ramps too similar?

So that is where I stand as of now!  I would love any opinions, critiques on any rendering or perspective issues etc, palette tweak suggestions, or even ideas anyone might have.  I would love to have a nice space scene to place this in so I will be doing some reference research later probably about how I'll go about that.  I'm thinking a distant planet or moon off in the distant reaches, maybe some meteors, stars spattered about, and considering whether anything will be chasing the character.

This is mostly a personal project with no intention other than broadening my understanding of the medium.  It is based on a haphazard home movie we shot of our 1 year-old daughter dressed up in goofy clothing and tin-foil covered baby toys traveling through space that I'm still editing in my free time to become a mock movie trailer for fun.  This will probably end up being the accompanying mock video game title screen screenshot this will be spoofed into.

That being in mind, there is no planned direction for this in terms of the story the rest of the pictures elements will tell so the possibilities are endless.  Any feedback is openly embraced.  I really respect the skill of this community.

I'm on my lunch break and don't have access to my pixel software of choice, so I'll post up a WIP animation of this later from home.

General Discussion / Does Pixelation still have an 'official' IRC?
« on: June 09, 2009, 05:57:16 am »
Does Pixelation still have an 'official' IRC, or at least a channel that the userbase has adopted as an unofficial hub?  I got curious about finding it when I saw a link under PixelJoint's Community pull-down menu called 'IRC (Pixelation)' - which points to irc://

All of the clients I have tried this in report back with a rolling timeout from no response.  My guess is that this is an outdated link, as I've heard people mention having received help in the IRC channel in their C+C pixelation threads within the last few months.  A few searches have only come back with threads from back in 2005, at least from what I've been able to find.  Is there even a channel?


Pixel Art / [ WIP ] Bowl Monkey
« on: May 13, 2009, 08:53:04 am »
Updated at long last after what I did not reallize was over a year after this thread's creation.. Sorry for the zombie revival

This is was originally intended for the previous weekly challenge (Circled) at PixelJoint but I did not have any time to work on it after starting it early that week.  Though I won't be able to enter it as a challenge entry anymore, I still wanted to finish it!



Circle canvas was removed.  No real need for it since this isn't a restriction I need the piece to adhere to anymore.

I know there is much left to do, and I'm liking the progress.  Just getting a little intimidated as I move toward being almost ready for the fine-touch rendering.  The shading of the curvature of the bowl is my biggest worry.  Will be working on this when I find time throughout the week, but will be checking the boards to see if any critique is offered (and it would be very appreciated if it was!).

General Discussion / Pixeling with Palm Pilots?
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:52:27 am »
Are there any Palm users that know of any applications geared toward pixel art?  I have come into the possession of a Palm Tungsten E2 for a good deal when a friend bought a new one, and I can't think of a more amazing use for this than doing some pixeling on the go while waiting for the bus and things of that sort.

I've been searching all over for the last week or so and was not very fortunate in finding anything quite like what I was looking for.  As for now all I have come across are some things that are decent for drawing but really aren't tailored for small-scale detailing that pixel art requires.  Something similar to what Pypebros' development, Sprite Editor for DS (SEDS), is right up the alley of what I'm looking to find.

I'm all for learning application development, which I would love to dive into someday, but know little-to-nothing about programming languages other than ActionScript and very basic HTML at the moment and really don't have the freetime to completely learn it enough to be building a program like this within the next few years.

The Palm handheld I have is running Palm OS5.  I looked into adding a Lynux boot to it put the Tungsten E2 model is one of the Palm models that have complications with Lynux as far as I read.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Canine Private Eye
« on: September 25, 2008, 03:56:04 pm »
Greetings!  I am a long-time lurker of Pixelation but this will be my first post.  Did not want to make any posts before I had some real work to put up, of which this is my very first item I really put effort and time into!  I always try to dive straight in when learning things so I went ahead and made my first project an animation as well.  I aspire to eventually make an adventure game in the style of the Sierra classics such as Leisure Suit Larry or Space Quest, and this character is likely going to be worked in as the main character of it.  When time to do that comes, the dark outlines will probably be removed and character model simplified a bit to make animating and presence against the background more fluid, but that bridge will be crossed much later.

For now I am simply interested in growing as a pixel artist, and feedback from the members of this outstanding community would be something I consider invaluable criticism!

Some things I know need worked on:

  • The palette is something I am sure could be changed for the better, but what direction I want it to go in is something I find myself unsure of.
  • When the bone gets put back into the jacket, it's just the frames that led up to it playing in reverse.  I might try to at least change a few frames of unique  positions that have him slide the bone back into the jacket instead of the blurred ZOOM frame shoving it back in the same way it came out.  But it flows better than I thought it would when I put it all together, so I thought some criticism may open me up to options I hadn't considered before tweeking.
  • Work on the shading of the character.  Since I didn't get very into the specific details until after I had drawn all the frames of this, I got a bit overwhelmed by trying to go back and try, and didn't want to overdo it when I'm so inexperienced with methods of AA and dithering - feared I'd hurt the presentation more than help it.
  • Smoke rising from the cigar - I planned originally to have smoke waving above the cigar continuously but I'm a little out of my element working with GraphicsGale.  Having been almost exclusively a flash artist when it came to animated graphics, I couldn't find a simple way to have the smoke loop smoothly after defining frame delays.  I didn't have the patient persistence in me to add 40 frames (or however many more it would take) to keep the motion timing that exists already while having consistent timing for changes in the smoke direction.

Thank you in advance to anyone that replies, I had a great time making it!

Edit: My fiancee said "I hope they don't think it's too Sam & Max-y for 'em." "Whatya mean?" "Cus it's a dog in a trench coat."  Had never played the game and never knew about that.  I assure you I did not have the game in mind when I made this  :ouch:

Also, here's the individual frames.  I tried pretty hard to make the blurred arm frame not look like an MS Paint picture some kid took the spray can tool and went to town on.

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