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Pixel Art / - Settin ma self small challenges -
« on: August 03, 2008, 03:06:05 am »
Recently broke my my knee, which has bin really agonisingly painful so aint really bin into bein too arty the last month due to havin uncontrollable spasms distractin me. But im bored so may as well do somethin my mates have always wanted me to do, create some pixel art involving them..  :-\

Hopefully im gonna piece together a reconstruction of a group photo of us all. Person by person. Im using a direct reference but hopefully gonna put a bit of twist on how it turns out, reflect their characters and be somethin they wouldn't be ashamed of.

To start me off here's Nick (im to the left of him)

I feel very rusty atm, not looking for major critique, more general advise to get me back into the swing of things.

Pixel Art / w.i.p dragon and warrior scene - Update 23rd march
« on: January 17, 2008, 05:24:44 am »
Yes I know, very generic warrior and dragon scene here, doing a favour for someone at a runescape based forum (its where I first started pixeling and at times their gallery section is pretty good for critique communally). So im working to a description for a signature, he wants specific armour, weapon and general scene setting etc. Im finding it tough getting the time to concentrate too much on this but its most likely because im going solo, I need some outsider opinions on this.

Some parts are still very rough im still working this out bit by bit..

Any help would be greatly apprechiated.

Recent -

Pixel Art / pixeljoint challenge - vista MSpaint default colours
« on: November 29, 2007, 08:12:04 am »
I figured, might as well have a go at this. Very rough so far and got a lot I need to fix. Just wanted any advice or comments to send me in the right direction before I get to far into it. Gonna add a huge monster of some sorts raging in the back, something like off Shadow Of The Colossus.. Making the most of the colours is proving very challenging, which is all the fun I guess  ;D .

erm before anyone points it out I am referencing from this photo of myself.

Im just experimenting really, so I wouldn't blame you if you said the green and blues don't belong, trial and errors the only way ill learn.

Pixel Art / Lock please.
« on: April 24, 2007, 02:22:41 am »
- title screen wip, any help with this would be great.

- update, slight progress overall. - fourth version - third version - second version - first version

- another update on walking animation, finalised.
- update on walking animation, right arm swings now. and cut down the frames to make it smoother.
- walking animation

please view in x2.

it was originally just this below.. its basically how the screen would look.

I've bin mostly messin around with the floor tiles, i've got a lot of tweaking left to do but for a start I do feel its goin pretty well..

my ideas for this game is based on a shop I work at called SPAR, whereas each level is devised from certain sections of the shop, in this case its gonna be a fruit and veg level. So the tree for example will resemble broccli, bushes, rocks will all be some sort of vegetable. The enemies will possibly be like.. a carrotman, or tomatoe. It should look pretty good when its finished.

I've still gotta work on the Sky which is really gonna be a nightmare, also I've gotta add some sort of background and water below.

It's all layered in photoshop, the back platform has 40% transparency, as do the trees, they just stood out far too much and feel it gives it better readability.

The character still needs to be worked on, i'll work on some animation soon so im gonna be really consintrating on gettin im right, he's supposed to be a shop worker in uniform.

any crits would help, but im really on a short deadline so if you think I need some major changes please let me know, i've got so much more to do and I don't want to spend the whole time tweaking this and then realise it has a major flaw just before the deadline.

Cheers guys, for any help your willing to give.

General Discussion / Some queries about short deadline game creation
« on: March 12, 2007, 12:49:13 am »
well im doing graphic design in college (uk, im 18). and im about to finish come end of may, which means my final major project starts in a matter of days. Its an open brief which means we get to choose whatever we want for a project, it has to represent what we've learnt throughout the 2 years.

Im not 100% sure what I want to produce but im thinking about making and branding a short pixel-art game, where as I would design a few workable levels, create a poster advertising this game and possibly the packaging for the game itself.

I've made small mockups in the past, and have a good idea of what direction to take in making a short game but what im wondering is whether I'd be taking on too much, it's one thing having to produce a quality game, but its another to then take into account the amount of work planning and coming up with something original, knowing me I'd fill a sketch book or two with illustrations, ideas and research.. plus having it flow nicely into something promotable would be quite a challenge because I could spend ages making a 'cool' game but would it be something that'd work for my target audience?

for what I have planned, I can see myself working right the way up untill the night before the deadline. Any advice on how to go about this? I really don't want to head off blindly into something with such a tight deadline.

Im also thinking of narrowing down to maybe a sega styled game, or maybe a game for gameboy..

any comments would be nice, no one I know has any knowledge on game design so please, share your wisdom guys  :)


Pixel Art / Self Portrait - Wip - any crits would be fab.
« on: February 20, 2007, 01:45:24 am »
Ok, moved on to somethin else, still want to improve some of my previous projects but atm I felt the need to pixel myself.

im actually, believe it or not working from a vector version I did as an only reference (I don't really like how it turned out, im new to vector)
(I originally made it straight into illustrator for visual reference)

I traced the general shape, but from the basic linework its all been brutal tweaking and trying to capture the likeness by accessive staring at myself in a mirror.. I turned to pixel art because I just couldn't be bothered working in vector any longer, I just wanted it look like me and I find that I have much more control this way..

yeah any tips would be great, I know you cnt exactly give too much advice to likeness but but any tips in general would be apprichiated..

erm, my mypsace if anyone wants to see what I look like, ill remove if this isn't allowed.

Yeah Im growing my hair, ive had short hair my whole life so having it long is kinda new to me.. not planning on growin it too long tho.

thx peeps.

Pixel Art / A small pixeldump
« on: February 06, 2007, 05:02:06 pm »
erm, well my project finishes tommorrow so Im gonna have a bit more time to spare, Ive been looking back at some stuff I did over the last few months and im really in the mood to go back and improve em somewhat. So any advice, suggestions or general comments would be greatly welcomed.. Hopefully I'll learn a lot and possibly finalise something worthy to go in a portfolio.

with this my concerns were that,
The shading on the hand just didnt look right..
The neck looked flat.
Were my proportions correct??
Is my palette working?
Some parts weren't exactly finalised, like the hair and the backdrop.

This was pretty much a spur of the moment idea, Ive never spent too much time making mockups of any kind so this was basically a new experience. I'll be working on expanding the canvas and making a playable level, any tips on the tileset would be great.

this is a basic gameboy mockup.. I was planning on making this on the runup to xmas but I never got round to it.. I was in the middle of steering towards more of a snowy level, don't think the random dithering works, looks too much like I spraycanned it.

Oh and this was fun, any advice to improve this would be awesome.. you don't have to understand it btw, its to do with the invasion onto another forum and how we dealt with it.  :-X may of you who hate dolls will probably empathise.
Again, didnt get round to finishing this much.. to begin with my AAing is a bit shabby but it improves throughout I think.

General Discussion / The right time to make a game?
« on: December 30, 2006, 09:08:52 pm »
There's always someone atempting to make a game of some sort, whether successful or not, It's happening everywhere I look. But as Im currently trying to better myself in order to make a game im starting to wonder, when is the best time to make a game??

I don't claim to be a great pixeler, but I do hope to learn as much as possible because I know that some day whether it be years from now I may have an urge to at least be a part of doing some concept art or even do something more, you see I really want to be a cartoon animator (not computer animation, the actual hand drawn side of animation, how it's supposed to be done.), my dream is to work for disney or even something more, but as I am, im trying to be a great illustrator so I see pixel art as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience..

I have in the past atempted, with the help of my older brother who is 25, he could easily code a game but I found it was the lack of quality in the Graphics and my lack of experience that subsiquently stopped the project..

What I want to know is, how do you know you're good enough to make a game? Im guessing you're best starting small, with short easy games.. Not taking on a massive project first time round because it give you room to learn and become used to the stages in game design..

On another forum there's currently someone trying to re-create Kingdom of Hearts, and it's really embarresing to know how he's going about it, I feel sorry for the guy cus you know he won't get very far and if he somehow does, how bad the result will be.. I know it's all about learning by doing but you should improve as an artist first, right?

Please tell me what you think because I do think I have the experience to make a 'small' game, it may not be as advanced as some people would like but, a game it would be.. And you can only start from square one. How good do you have to be?

Pixel Art / Need some help with this
« on: November 05, 2006, 12:41:05 am »
Well this was first just an example for xio, which was followed by an amazing example by Helm so I kinda felt the need to finish it as I felt so overshadowed and.. at the time I was pretty pleased with it.  :-[ I just want to see this complete.  :P

After a few stages later I've come to this.. And I don't really want to screw this up so any advice or critisism would be greatly apprichiated, i'm welcoming towards edits too  :P.

Well, you're the experts.. Any comments?

better post some references I used too.. Just for help with face structure and cus her body initially didn't look right, added a jumper like on that last reference.

Pixel Art / Lock please
« on: October 08, 2006, 01:09:31 pm »

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