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Hello. Looking for an artist that can animate in the style posted below. I'm an animator and 2d artist by trade but due to my day job I cannot find the time to work on this. I'm now looking to find an artist(s) who can keep it moving along until I'm able to continue myself. Alot of assets have been created already. I'm on the fence about the art style. I'm still considering a more snes look.

[The game]
Sci-fi horror metroidvania. Giant boss battles. Both ranged and melee combat. Exploration and puzzle solving.

Just to start off I'm looking for someone who can do frames of this quality/style at 15-20 USD per frame. This can of course be adjusted where needed, eg; large boss sprites. My initial goal is to get enough visual content together to begin a kickstarter campaign. If successful then I can of course pay more to whichever artist will be on board at that time. Payments will be through paypal.

[Target platforms]
PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox. I'll focus on PS4 and PC first however.


Thank you for your time

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